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Weblos Scout Camp with Jaron

I took Jaron up milcreek canyon to the Weblos Wilderness camp this past Monday and Tuesday. We have a great time.

{The 4th of July}

Happy Birthday America!  Oh how we love you.

We woke up early today to attend a flag ceremony at the Stake Center.  It was SUCH a beautiful morning….so peaceful.  They had a beautiful program planned and the weather was so nice!

I cried so much during the flag ceremony that I felt emotionally drained.  Anything to do with the flag, soldiers, etc. will make me cry almost instantly.  After the flag ceremony and program was over, we all headed to the bowery for breakfast.  The kids were especially excited to have chocolate milk!

After breakfast we headed home where Trevin begged me to make his hair blue.  Jaron then asked me to give him a mowhak.  As you can see, he has very short hair, but I tried.  I was actually able to make a “mini mowhak”.

Andy then took the kiddos to the Murray Parade with Mimi, Opi, Uncle Trent, Aunt Kristin and cousins.  I was just so tired from staying up late last night and getting up so early that I decided to take a nap.

For lunch, we headed over to Mimi and Opi’s house.  We were actually able to have lunch outside in the backyard.  It is usually so hot in the middle of the day that we’ve never been able to do it, but today it was overcast.  It rained a little on and off, but nothing too bad.  It was actually nice.

Parker getting a drink and Oma sitting in her chair outside waiting for lunch to start.  We even put a little patriotic umbrella up for the “on-and-off” rain.


Trevin insisted sitting in the doorway where everyone came in and out.

Trent, Kristin and Keltie

Emmy and Opi

Keltie and Ashlyn

Emalee, Marissa and Jaron – Most of the kids insisted on eating in the “hut”.  It got cozy but they did it and enjoyed each other.

After dinner was over, Mimi got out sugar cookies for the grand kids to decorate…which they didn’t mind doing! :)

Mimi also offered everyone chocolate, mango or guava ice cream!  Yum!  It’s always fun getting together and hanging out.

Later in the evening, we went to my mom’s house and spent some time with her.  John and Lib had stopped by in the afternoon, so we didn’t end up seeing them.  We made a yummy dinner together…..marinated steaks, stuffed jalapenos, watermelon and artisan bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  For dessert she had vanilla ice cream with homemade caramel topping.  Oh my.

This year, the firework laws changed here in Utah and it seems like this encouraged everyone to do fireworks.  It felt like we were in the middle of a war.  Fireworks were going off all over the place.  The kids got in the back of Andy’s truck at my mom’s house and watched them go off.

We came home and continued to watch the fireworks on our back porch…it was perfect.  We have a great view of the valley from our backporch.  Andy, Opi and Trent finished off the night going to the movie theater together to see “Transformers” together.  It’s the second or third Transformer movie (not sure) but since none of us gals had any desire to see it, it became a boy’s night out.

Today was spent with family and it was wonderful.  I am so thankful to live in this country.  What a blessing it is to me and my posterity.  May we all appreciate the freedom we enjoy and be willing to fight to preserve it.

Date night with the boys

I took Jaron and Trevin bowling at Fat Cats and we had a great time. Jaron bowled 106 on one of the games. We shared a pitcher of sprite and even did a little dancing to the disco music and crazy lights. We went to baskin robbins afterwards and had some yummy treats.

Memorial Day 2011

We had lots of fun finishing our garden and doing yardwork this Memorial Day. We were pretty tired after working all day Friday and a good amount of Saturday on the yard. It was raining most of the day on Saturday, so we decided to brave the rain and go out and visit our family gravesites anyway. Just as we pulled up to the Murray cemetary my parents pulled up right in front of us with Callum and MaKenna. They happened to be driving the same path as us as they were headed to golden coralle for dinner. After stopping at the Murray cemetary and leaving flowers and pine cones for my brother Mathews’s grave we headed off to get the Peterson family’s cabin keys from Uncle Jack. We didn’t end up going because it continued to rain all weekend and into Monday. From there we went to Valley View cemetary in West Valley and met Grandma Jean there at Grandpa Terry Kluse’s gravesite. It started raining even more there, but still wasn’t too bad. We also went and visited Opa Day’s grave which is in the same cemetary. We took the pictures above.

Trevin slept over at Alton & Amelia’s house from Sunday to Monday and went to see Kung Fun Panda 2 with them and met us at Mimi’s Cafe for Amelia’s birthday dinner. From there we went to John and Liberty’s house for Amelia to open her presents and to have cake and ice cream. Ashlyn & Emalee slept over at Mimi’s house with all the girl cousins and they played bingo, painted nails and had Mimi hopping at 6 AM. It was a busy Monday and we felt tired by 7 PM even though we hadn’t done nearly the amount of work as on Friday or Saturday. Aslyn, Emalee, Jaron and I all cleaned the toy room and the window wells downstairs while Melanie cleaned the scrapbook room and under the stairs. It was a productive day and very enjoyable.

Marissa’s Birthday & Sunday Stuff

Today we had stake conference and the speakers were exceptionally good. We ate lunch with my parents and Oma afterwards. Then we went to Trent and Kristin’s for Marissa’s birthday party. We had a great time, but probably had a few too many treats.

Marissa with her new tea set we gave her for her birthday

Marissa and Emalee having fun at Marissa's 5th birthday party.

Ashlyn’s Baptism

Today was a very special day for our family and especially for Ashlyn. I was able to baptize and confirm Ashlyn with all the family and some friends present. Melanie got up really early to go to a zumba class class. she was exhausted. When she returned at 8 AM, I went to the stake center to fill the baptismal font, make copies of the program, setup chairs and get everything cleaned up. There were a few snags since I forgot an extra change of underwear, melanie couldn’t find her talk, Opie was a little late after picking up Oma & Martina & Ryan were running behind as well. Mimi swapped Jeanne and gave the opening prayer since Jeanne ran off a few minutes before the start to grab Melanie’s talk. The talk was there after all hidden under the programs. Brother Jed Hill, 1st councelor in the Bishopric conducted the baptism. The opening song was the primary song Baptism (I like to look for rainbows), prayer by Mimi, followed by a talk I gave on Baptism. Ashlyn, Jaron, Trevin and Emalee sang I’m trying to be like Jesus and all 4 sang loud and did great. Ashlyn was then baptized. The water was a little cold, so I must have filled it a little too fast.

After changing from the baptism Melanie gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and showed a wonderful video called “What Heaven sees in you”. It talks about the stages in a young girls life from birth to baptism to marriage in the temple. I teared up. It was a spiritual and wonderful baptism. After Melanie finished her talk directed to Ashlyn I confirmed her a member of the church and she was given the gift of the Holy Ghost. I must have been choked up a little since I couldn’t speak very loud during the blessing. The men in the circle could hear me, but most everyone else couldn’t. She was blessed to continue being Kind and serving others. I was prompted to tell her that her family members on the other side and other angels were there in attendance and are proud of her. she was blessed that she’d learn to follow the holy ghost and make right choices. That she’d be an example at school, church and to her family and friends. She was blessed to make the choices that would lead her to temple marriage and to be a mother and raise righteous children. Brother Hill, Opie, Uncles Ryan, John & Trent all helped give her the blessing. The primary president Sister Thompson & her teacher Sister McEwen both came. Oma was there which is her only living great grandparent. Opie, Mimi, Grandma Kluse, John & Liberty & their family, Trent & Kristin & their kids, Martina & Ryan and their kids were all there.

After the baptism everyone came over to our house for a luncheon. We had hawaiian haystacks and enjoyed visiting. Martina and her kids showed us their Halloween costumes and Alyssa did a few dances from the nutcracker for us which was awesome. We had a great time. Trent had to go to work after the baptism, but all the rest of the family were able to come to the luncheone.

Emalee learning to drive

Emalee is growing up, but she’s turning 5 in December not 16. Nonetheless she felt like she wanted to practice driving while we were at Trevin’s soccer practice. I had all the kids with me at the soccer practice and Emalee said she wanted to go back to the car to get the drink she’d left in there. I gave her the keys to the car and told her to grab the drink and come right back. A few minutes later I see Emalee walking back with an Adult right by her and no car keys in hand. I walked over to see what was going on and found out that Emmie had put the keys in the ignition, turned the keys to the start position and pulled the gear into neutral. The town & country minivan began to roll back into the car parked behind us to the side. There wasn’t a car directly behind us, but the wheel was on an angle so the van hit the side of this lady’s vehicle. There was a little paint on the van from her vehicle, but her vehicle had some damage from the 2 mph crash. Emalee got out and told the lady I think I hit you and was scared and sorry. That’s what the lady told me. She said she felt bad for Emalee. I learned not to trust a 4 year old with the car keys even for a minute. Too tempting.

{Random photo of Em and Mia}

Usually Emalee and her cousin Amelia (or Mia as we call her) commonly  have sleepovers together at my mom’s.  These are a couple of photos of the two of them eating dinner.

It is SO amazing how much of my brother John I see in Amelia (at least in this photo).