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A tired, tired Trev

Today, Amelia made a cute little drawstring backpack for Spencer for his birthday coming up.  It’s a new Sunday bag for him to carry his crayons and coloring books to church.


While the rest of the family sat down to watch a little TV after dinner, I needed to get in a workout.  I normally would hop on the treadmill and call it good.  I decided to up my challenge and go up and down our stairs fifty times before working out on the treadmill.  Oh my goodness.  After about seven flights of stairs, I could really feel it.  However, I pushed through and finished!  Yeah for determination.  I’m sure I’ll be terribly sore tomorrow!

When I finished my workout and came into the family room, it was evident that Trevin was ready for bed.  The poor fellow had probably been asleep for a while.

20150128_200050    20150127_221327

Grandma’s Girls

Lots of routine, mundane things happened today.  I got my oil changed in my van this morning, went grocery shopping,  exercised with Mimi, worked on SugarDoodle, cleaned the house and watched a movie with my kiddos.  There are only a couple more days before school starts and we’re trying to enjoy every last minute together.

IMG_2629  IMG_2630  IMG_2631  IMG_2632

20150102_180150Andy, Jaron and Trevin went to Tae Kwon Do tonight.  Ashlyn, Emalee and Amelia had a sleep over tonight at my mom’s house…a girls night out.  I’m sure they won’t be sad they missed Tae Kwon Do.  Spending time with Amelia and Grandma Kluse trumps sports any day!

I also made an awesome veggie dip today.  You just mix 2 cups of cottage cheese in the blender with one Fiesta Ranch packet.  Yum!

I had to also include a picture of my computer screen.  If I ever leave my computer for a few minutes, I know Jaron has been there because my moniter will say, “I like trains.”  Love him!


{The Golden Gate Bridge}

** I can’t remember exactly when these pictures were taken but wanted to post them on my blog.  It’s a blast from the past.



{Sleepovers and more}




Since the kids didn’t have school today, I let Amelia and Marissa sleep over last night.  All the kids have had such a fun time together…. Jaron invited Jay to come over and later the in the day Ashlyn invited Leone to come over.  I made tacos for dinner and got the kids out the door to Tae Kwon Do with Andy.  I met up with my mom and Val at Hale Center Theatre.  Christine didn’t feel well and asked if I wanted to take her place.  The play was, “The Foreigner”.  It was hilarious. ..the actors were so talented.

I finished off the night talking to my mom about her surgery tomorrow on both knees.  She’s a little anxious but excited.   We are all praying for her.

{Christmas 2013}


Our Christmas always starts in the scriptures…..  We read Luke 2 and discuss every two or three verses.


Our Christmas Tree….


After scriptures, we ate breakfast which traditionally consists of German Pancakes.

Ash and Emmy.

Jaron showing off his stocking and presents.

Trevin with a bee-u-tiful smile!

Jaron peeking in his stocking….

This is me watching the kiddos open their gifts.  We are dog sitting our neighbors two dogs.  The one in my lap is Chewy.  The one in the next picture is Frisco.




Trevin putting together his Lego set.


Ashlyn and Trevin with their gumball mustache.



Jaron had already eaten half his gumball by the time this picture was taken and Emalee’s was gone……

Mom with Hazel….



The kids playing a board game with John and Jeff.


Andy playing with Hazel.

Look at those blue eyes.

Libby held Hazel while she napped…..Christmas is exhausting.

After dinner we decided to go out to a movie….”Saving Mr. Banks”.

Alton, Jaron and the kiddos waiting for the movie to start.

Once we returned home, we invited Grace to sleep over before going back home tomorrow.  The girls are as giggly and silly together as ever.


{A bunch of sillies}





After Alton and Amelia’s piano lesson tonight, the kids came up with some silly contest to see who could balance on one leg the best.  They made up silly rules as they went along until it was down to Ashlyn and Alton.  What goofs!

{Our Logan Cabin}

My mom ended up getting today off of work and so we all decided, rather spur-of-the-moment to head up to Logan and go and clean our cabin.  We dusted every nook and cranny, we took all the bedding and linens to the laundromat, and washed everything down.  I also purchased several 5 x 7 canvases for the kids to paint self-portraits.  You can see them drying on the mantel.

IMG_0662 IMG_0661 IMG_0660 IMG_0659 IMG_0658 IMG_0657 IMG_0656 IMG_0655 IMG_0654 IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0646 IMG_0647 IMG_0648 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0653

On the way home, we stopped and had dinner at a little Mexican restaurant.  It was nice to sit down and relax together after working all day.

2013-04-03 12.04.57 2013-04-03 12.05.18  2013-04-03 12.07.00 2013-04-03 12.08.19 2013-04-03 12.06.21

{A friendly minute-to-win-it competition}

What a fun night.  I invited the Kluse’s over for dinner and a minute-to-win-it competition.

For dinner, everyone was able to build their own pizza.  We baked the crust and then each person could top them with their favorites.  We had tons of options and it turned out pretty tasty.

Afterwards, we had several games ready-to-go.  Boy, the kids REALLY got into it.  They all wanted to have several tries at each game….it was cute.  In the end, first place went to Ashlyn…second place went to Alton and third place went to Jaron.  Actually, there were seven places…not three.  I wrapped up seven small gifts and put them on the mantle.  As I announced 7th place, that child got to pick their gift but couldn’t open it….and so on until there was only one gift left.  Ashlyn could take the one left or anyone else’s.  It was the bonus of getting first place.  In the end everyone got something and all of their gifts were different so they were excited for each other.  It was a fun night for all.

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{Cold Stone}


Since there was no school today, we all decided to go out for ice cream together.  Andy is behind Jaron on the phone.  Hazel is in a car seat in front of Andy and my mom is taking the picture.  It was fun to see what everyone got.  Trevin was thrilled to get cake batter ice cream….Emmy got cotton candy ice cream and I got various sherbets mixed together….heaven!

{Chinese New Year – 2013}


Tonight at family dinner, we invited the missionaries to come and join us.  You can see them pictured below; however, for whatever reason one elder thought he should pull a funny face while I took the picture.

We celebrated Chinese New Year, as we have in years past.  Jaron and Mimi always make certain Chinese foods together (fry the won tons together)….he really looks forward to it.  Traditions….we love ’em.

IMG_0915 IMG_0914
IMG_0912 IMG_0911
Ashlyn, Amelia and Emalee


{Snowy Sunday}

20130127_171109 20130127_171050 20130127_164405 20130127_163550 20130127_161614 20130127_155745 20130127_155731 20130127_155713 20130127_152910 20130127_152814 20130127_152747

Andy has been out of town on business.  While he was gone, I thought the kids could have a cousin sleepover.  Essentially, we traded Emalee for Alton.  When we got home from church, it started snowing and snowing….and snowing.  Ashlyn and Jaron both worked together to get our driveway cleared.  They ended up shoveling twice because of how much snow fell.

Ashlyn and I also made peanut butter cookies.  We took some over to Libby’s family when we picked up Emalee.


Like I mentioned, Andy is on business right now in Richardson, Texas.  Before going to bed, I received a text from him with a picture of my childhood home.  This was my Grandpa and Grandma Peterson’s home.  We lived with them prior to moving to Utah.  I have several memories of the area.  It was kind of nastolgic seeing the home after all these years.

{Christmas Eve 2012}

We spent Christmas Eve at my mom’s house with Jeff and John’s family.  We made dinner and enjoyed lots of munchies.  My time was spent holding Hazel as much as I could….love her!

2013-01-01 19.04.43

Here are the crazy kiddos eating their dinner….

2013-01-01 19.07.38

2013-01-01 19.09.58
Jeff, Andy and John dishing up their food.

Throughout the evening, John had the kids tracking Santa using an Ipad app.  Amelia and Ashlyn were obsessed with checking his status every five minutes.  It was cute.

Later in the evening we opened presents.  Grandma gave the kids books, which they loved.

2013-01-01 19.15.35  2013-01-01 19.13.29
2013-01-01 19.16.14  2013-01-01 19.19.43

Another thing John did on his Ipad was create these elf videos using photos of all of us.  So funny….

Jaron and Alton

Amelia and Emalee

John, Libby and Andy

Spencer, Amelia and Trevin

{Kluse Adventures}

You can see Mom and Jaron in the background and of coarse John bossing everyone around! ;  )                Ashlyn and Amelia helping out!

Today was such a busy and fulfilling day!  The morning was spent getting our house clean and things done around the house.  Later, we had planned to get together with the Kluse family and hang out together.  Jeff flew in from California yesterday and so we made plans well in advance of what we wanted to do.  Gotta make the time count, right?  Our first stop was at The Road Home.  We volunteered for two hours sorting clothes and toy donations.  It was great for the kids to be involved.

We would take a bag of donations and sort them into boxes.


It was a pleasant surprise to run into my neighbor and good friend, Doreen Evans and her daughter Natalie Thurman.  Doreen and I hang out all the time.  Her daughter Natalie takes our family pictures each year.  I love them both!  It was awesome serving side-by-side with such wonderful women!  The other picture is of me and Emmy (and in the background you can see Reese – Natalie’s daughter).

Jaron and Alton sorting clothes.                                                                  The donations keep piling up.

Jeff and Andy also helped with some of the food donations.


Eventually John’s job became box maker.  He taped up the boxes that were full and Libby helped label and put them out.  They worked non-stop making and sealing up boxes while we all sorted.

This photo finishes up our time at The Road Home….and this face is a classic “Emmy” face.  Glad I captured it.

Our next stop?  The planetarium.  We have season passes (both Lib and I) and decided to go there all together and see the light show, “Let it snow.”  We took an elevator up to the floor with the theater.  The elevator was the biggest I had ever been in.  The doors opened on both sides and easily held our whole family.



Ashlyn begged us all constantly to hold Hazel.  As soon as Libby would let me hold her, Ashlyn was there at my side saying, “Mom, can I hold her?  I want a turn.”  She was thrilled to get the chance.


The laser/light show was pretty neat but at times nauseating.  It is amazing what they can do.  The screen is the ceiling and because it is in the shape of a dome, their projections can make you feel like you are in the middle of the film.   It’s crazy.


After the planetarium, we bundled up and headed outside.  We weren’t sure where we wanted to eat and after wandering around for a while decided on a food court so everyone could find something they wanted to eat.  On the way though, we stopped a few times to warm up…..

  2012-12-23 10.14.41

Time to eat!

2012-12-23 10.15.26   2012-12-23 10.16.43
2012-12-23 10.17.19   2012-12-23 10.19.57

After she was done eating, Ashlyn begged to hold Hazel again (big surprise, right??)

2012-12-23 10.18.33  2012-12-23 10.19.20

The highlight of ALL the kids’ evening was getting to ride TRAX to see the Christmas lights on Temple Square.  It was the first time my kids and John and Lib’s kids had been on TRAX.  They were thrilled.  On the way there, we were all standing (except my mom).  A very nice gentleman (pictured there in the green coat) gave up his seat.  Alton and Emalee are by my mom and the rest of us are scattered throughout….wherever there was room.  (On the way back we all got a seat, which was nice.)

2012-12-23 10.20.59

Temple Square was CRAZY!!!  The weather was nice….it was the last weekend before Christmas and it was the perfect formula for a million people to be there.  Wow.  Seriously.  You were constantly bumping into someone and had to say, “Excuse me”.  Emalee had to go to the bathroom and once I found one, it was at least a 20 minute wait because the line was out of the women’s restroom.  The lights were beautiful and it was fun to be together but it was b-u-s-y.

2012-12-23 10.22.04

2012-12-23 10.22.56  2012-12-23 10.23.44
You can see Libby holding Ashlyn and Emmy’s hands….Andy and Jaron are pictured too.

2012-12-23 10.24.30  2012-12-23 10.25.14
Amelia and Trevin

2012-12-23 10.26.51  2012-12-23 10.27.31

On the way home, someone got the great idea to finish off the night at Cold Stone getting some ice cream.  Um, yeah!  Sounds good to me.

2012-12-23 10.29.11  2012-12-23 10.30.23

2012-12-23 10.31.00

{Church, Family and the dreaded book report!}

As usual, church was wonderful!  It just fills my spirit after such a long week.  For one reason or another, I haven’t been able to attend our ward for weeks due to Stake business.  So it was refreshing to be back home!  Additionally, it was the first time I have been to Sunday School in years.  I have been in Primary so long that I haven’t been able to attend.  I was released from my second calling as Primary pianist the end of October and have been visiting other wards since.  So, it was a treat to go to all three meetings!

Afterwards, we had Sunday dinner at Mimi’s house and celebrated Emalee’s birthday with family.   My favorite part was when Parker kept trying to blow out Emalee’s candles and so Emalee would put her hand towards Parker’s mouth as she tried to blow out the candles herself.  Too funny!!

Xina’s brother, Conner, was visiting for a few hours tonight.  His babysitter was in town and let her watch him before heading home again.  She just lights up when her brother is around!

Last but not least, Jaron has had a ever approaching deadline coming up….a book report.  He has known about it for weeks and has procrastinated this assignment even with countless reminders to get his book read.  Well, he read almost all day….skipped Sunday dinner at Mimi’s and had started the report by the time we returned.  Andy stayed at the house with him but came for a minute to get food for the both of them.   There is such a difference between all of my children.  Jaron pushes things until the very last minute…..Ashlyn turns things in earlier if not earlier than early…..Trevin turns things in early or late, both…..and Emalee is doing good if she turns anything in.  That is where we are at THIS year.  Things can certainly change.  :   )

{Outing to Cold Stone}

My brother Jeff showed up unexpectedly from California this last Saturday night.  He has spent one week with us and before he went home, we all went out for ice cream at Cold Stone.

It is rare that you get a smiling picture from Jeff.  He always pulls a variety of faces for the camera.  (Mom, Jeff & Libby)

Emalee, Trevin and Amelia.

Andy and Spencer.  Spencer is doing what he loves most….watching a movie on Grandma’s cell phone.


Not pictured are Hazel, me and John.  : * (