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{Easter with Day Family}

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{Introducing Bishop Ryan Davis}


Our family and Mimi slept at Paul’s condo before heading over to the Davis’ church.  The sacrament service was  beautiful…. I found myself tearing up quite a few times.  We stayed after sacrament meeting to see him get set apart.


Afterwards,  we all took a few snapshots and headed back to the Davis home for a lovely meal.  By 4:30 or so, we were all on the road and heading home.  Mimi and all my kids but Emmy went in her car as Emmy joined us for the drive home.  Ashlyn and Trev ended up falling asleep leaving Jaron the one in charge of keeping Mimi alert and awake to drive.  He did a good job.  Quite an eventful day.

Saturday – Take 2

While Emmy, Ashlyn and I scurried off to Cameo….Andy and the boys helped Mimi and Opi put on a Christmas breakfast at their ward.  When the girls were done at Cameo, we all headed back to help them clean up.  It was quite a production because Mimi goes above and beyond to make things special.

MaKenna and some kids from the ward singing karaoke.

She got some scratch and draw ornaments for the kiddos.  You can see Ashlyn’s arm in this picture.

Ashlyn (enjoying a sucker) being hugged by Callum, Grace and Alyssa making a hat.

Jaron and Trevin.

{Halloween 2012}

Holidays.  I always look forward to them; however, this month has just passed me by.  I woke up this morning completely unaware that today was Halloween.  I knew it was coming but my goodness…where does time go?  I spent the morning planting tons of daffodil bulbs along the park way fence and in my yard.  In the afternoon, I volunteered to help in Trevin’s classroom for his class Halloween party.  I wish I would have taken a photo or two.  Me and Jessi Brown (Trevin’s best friends mom) helped run the show.

After school was spent getting stuff ready for dinner.  We always have dinner in a pumpkin and this year was no different….

I also made homemade Root Beer….

This year for Halloween, Emalee was a cheerleader:

Trevin was a firefighter….

Ashlyn was a cowgirl….

Jaron was a big, scary thing…..see for yourself….

Andy was the “cool” trick-or-treat dad….

Even Charlie dressed up for the festivities…..he was a raccoon….

Andy took the kiddos around the neighborhood while I passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  We had SO many this year due to good weather.  I went through several bags of candy and ran out by 8:30 p.m.  Still, with the porch light off, the teenagers still came to our house until 10 something.  It was crazy.

Here’s a picture Mimi took when my family got to her house:

Here’s a picture of the Davis Family:

Here’s a picture of the Day clan:

{Easter Egg Hunt 2012}

We went to Mimi and Opi’s house tonight for dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt.  Mimi even surprised us with an egg hunt for the adults.  Opi found the golden egg, which contained money (lucky him).  The other boys (Trent, Ryan and Andy) played rough…they felt competition with chocolate at stake.  ; )

While we were hiding the eggs for the kiddos hunt, they were downstairs making gliders.  Then they went out to the front lawn to test them out….to see who’s glider went the farthest.  It was a lot of fun!

{Excursion with Mimi and Opi}

Today was Martin Luther King Day and none of the kiddos had school.  Mimi and Opi planned a little excursion this morning to Cabella’s and Thanksgiving Point (Dinosaur Museum).  They invited Jaron and Kim (our foreign exchange student) to come along with them, Jaehung and Callum (his family is on a cruise right now and so they are babysitting him for the week).

Mimi came to get the boys from the house around 10:00 a.m.  I sent a plate of cookies I had made for the road trip (can’t have anyone going hungry, can we?)

Mimi wrote on her blog, “The weather was not great with snow flurries and a few accidents on the freeway.  We made it okay and the boys had fun.”

They DID have fun….but how could you NOT when you are with Mimi and Opi???

{Thanksgiving 2011}

Thanksgiving was wonderful yet again.  It has come and gone so quickly.  This year Thanksgiving was held at our home and we had, oh, 32 or so in attendance.  Jaron and Ashlyn helped me make mini apple pies this morning…I appreciated their help.  Andy and the wee ones helped clean while we prepared the pies and my other food dishes.  Jaron really enjoys cooking in general but he really enjoys recipes that have lots of steps and seeing each step through.

I was grateful to have Jeff here this year, we always enjoy his company.  As well as Heidi,  Jessica and her baby Carissa (my mom’s friends)…and Oma as well.  Both sides of our family were together, which was a treat….that doesn’t happen very often.  I made turkey name places for the kids and Mayflower name places for the adults filled with M&M’s.  All the kiddos were stealing the M&M’s from the adults when they thought no one was looking….especially Emmy!  : )

Some family members left shortly after dinner and family pictures; however, some of us lingered and played Yahtzee together.  Me and Libby lost in fashion! : )  It was a wonderful day spent with family and reflecting on our MANY blessings!

{Water fun with the Davis Family}

Jaron said this was the best day of his life. Right when we pulled into the driveway at home he asked if we could go back. Quite surprising after the hour and a half drive back. All 3 kids didn’t want to go above 15 mph. I got Jaron up to about 30 a couple of times when I distracted him enough to not look at how fast we were going. I was going 60 for a while and Ryan was pulling away. Those are really nice jet skiis and we had a great time. I topped out at 64 mph. What a rush.

The kids loved camping in the Davis’s backyard, playing with cousins, watching movies, playing pool and ping pong, making breakfast with Aunt Martina and making smores over a fire in the neighbors backyard. What a great evening and day. We did this trip as an alternative to fathers and sons. I was planning on dropping Ashlyn off to sleep over with Grace and taking the boys on to bear lake. I gave the boys the option to stay and play with their cousins or go on and camp. They choose to camp in the backyard and play there. Ryan was preparing for Scout camp, but still offered to take us out on the Hyrum dam to jet skii. We were planning on going to bear lake to play, but Hyrum dam was warm, not crowded and less than 10 minutes away. It was perfect.

We missed getting to play with John and Lib at bear lake since they were there staying a timeshare. We did fit in going to Gossners for milk and cheese. Good times!

{Andy’s birthday celebration}

I came in the kitchen this morning and found this blue eyed wonder sitting at the counter.  He immediately showed me his tooth.  It’s getting CLOSE to coming out but it’s not quite there yet.  There is something SO love-able about my  Trevy.  I would pinch his little cheeks all day long if he let me.

Tonight was Andy’s (family) birthday celebration.  Just for fun, I had Jaron help me make these cute penguin appetizers made out of jumbo and standard-size olives, cream cheese and carrots.  They turned out really cute.

I put in a pork roast last night and let it start cooking on slow.  We had BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, cabbage salad (yum!) and more.

Leave your camera unattended for but a moment and you get pictures like this:

Next on the menu was deviled eggs.  All the kiddos wanted to help me peel the eggs.

Trevin, don’t eat that!

…and this little stinker wouldn’t let me take his picture.

To celebrate Andy’s “craziness” or goofy side, I asked everyone to wear their craziest outfit.  Not everyone remembered, but some did.  I just let the kids pick out their own clothes and that did the trick.  Anyway, here are a few pictures from this evening:

Mimi with her three pairs of glasses (one on her head, one on her face and one hanging on her shirt).  She also had two different colored foam flip flops…the kind they give you after a pedicure (they’re really flimsy).  Anyway, it was hilarious.  Opi had his necktie on along with his pajama bottoms and a neck book light.  Opi took a second to steal a kiss from Mimi when she least expected it.

I borrowed Mimi’s deviled egg dish this evening.  Come to find out, she’s been meaning to give it to Trent (the famous deviled-egg lover).  So he got the dish and all the left over eggs (we had two platters full to start with).  Aren’t the matching salt and pepper shakers in the middle cute?

The birthday boy displaying a new outfit John and Lib gave him.

The crazy kiddos jumping on the trampoline….

Oma and Andy

Has anyone seen Trevin?  Anyone?

Me and mom

Andy shares his birthday with our nephew, Callum.  This year Callum turns three.  Here he is playing at his sister’s elementary school:

Here is the official birthday cake…Andy’s favorite, “Chocolate Dessert” made my Opi with love:

Here is the family singing “Happy Birthday” to Andy (and Callum).  Mimi called up the Davis’ on the phone so they could sing too.


{Easter Egg Hunt at Mimi’s / Baby Animals}

This morning we had breakfast at Mimi’s house with the whole family.  Martina and Ryan had come from Logan and all the cousins got a chance to see each other.  After breakfast, we headed over to the Box Elder house for the Easter Egg Hunt.  The Box Elder house was where Mimi was raised and was our first house just after being married.  It is currently vacant and inbetween renters, so Mimi decided it would be fun to show the grandkids where she grew up.

Martina helping hide the goodies….

First, Mimi had all the kiddos stand on the porch for a quick picture and to review the rules.

Next she gave each child their own bag for the hunt with their name on it.  Inside each bag was a book she selected for that grandchild.

While this was going on, the boys were all working on Andy’s truck.  Andy’s truck window would not roll up and they were all getting it figured out (which they did thankfully!)

The hunters are on their way to the backyard…..following their faithful leader, Mimi.

The older kids wanted to watch the younger kids during their hunt instead of having both at the same time.  (Half of the backyard was designated for the younger kiddos only and the other half was designated for the older kiddos).

The older kids got a kick watching the younger ones; however, they were pretty anxious to get started themselves.

Trevin checking out his treasures….

Once we returned home, the kids put all their “goods” together and opened a store….except for Jaron who decided to have his own store.  He didn’t want to join together with his siblings and risk losing ANY of his candy!  :  )

After the fun ended, we headed up to “This is the place” monument.  We have a season pass there and they were showcasing their baby animals this weekend.  So my mom, Libby and her kids and our family enjoyed some time up there together.  (John was on an overnighter with the scouts).

We decided to take a train ride together….unfortunately, this first picture didn’t turn out:

Ashlyn and Amelia holding baby rabbits:

Emalee and myself holding a baby chick:

Here’s a picture of Spencer enjoying the pony ride:

More animals….

The kids enjoyed playing some pioneer games, pretending hanging up wash on a clothesline, walking on stilts and making some pioneer crafts.  Trevin and Alton did a great job on this game (I didn’t get a picture of Trevin in action, but they all had fun trying):

All in all, it was a very nice day!!  Then again, any time spent with family is a very nice day.

{Ashlyn’s Baptism – Family Get Together – Halloween}

Today was a very special day for our family.  Ashlyn was baptized and confirmed this morning.

After we finished lunch, Alyssa wanted to perform three dances/songs she has been practicing.  She was accepted as a performer in the Nutcracker.  They will be performing the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I filmed one of the three songs she performed:

{Trevin, Andy, Callum & Xina’s birthday party}

We had another great family get-together today but this time we celebrated FOUR birthdays.  Trevin’s was April 26th, Andy & Callum’s birthday is tomorrow (May 3rd) and Xina’s birthday (our foreign exchange student) is on May 6th.  So we held one big party.

Once everyone arrived, we started dinner….the kids were so excited to get eating.  I had to keep asking MaKenna to look at the camera for a quick picture.  The first picture had MaKenna looking at the camera but her eyes were placed firmly on the food….silly girl!

After dinner, everyone started opening their presents.  John and Lib’s family gave Trevin a really cool frisbee that changes into a ball mid-flight.  I’ve never seen anything like it….he and Jaron will have tons of fun with that.

My mom and I made Callum a cute car caddy.  It has a road on the top part and six compartments for cars to be stored once they are finished.  He LOVES to play from cars SO much that I thought it might be a great gift idea.  You can see what it looks like best from the pictures on the right:

Here is a picture of Spencer watching everyone open their presents.

Here is a cute video of Callum opening his birthday present from Mimi.  He pulls some great expressions:

For dessert, I made an ice cream cake found here.

The evening was topped off with the traditional Happy Birthday song except all four of them had to share the candles.

Happy Birthday everyone!!!

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet.


I always love a different perspective.  Here is Mimi’s post from her blog on the evening.  She writes,  “A few of us (29) gathered together to celebrate 4 birthdays. Andy, Callum, Trevin and Sheena were fussed over and sung to in Day Family fashion. We ate a delicious dinner first. Then had a present opening party, followed by the pinata burst and ending with ice cream sandwich cake.

The best part of any family gathering for me is watching everyone interact. The party was held at Andy and Mel’s place so there was room to spread out and enjoy the change in weather. The skies turned blue with a hint of sunshine. The kids had a blast playing on the trampoline and the massive swing set/jungle gym. The downside was that the ground was a bit muddy from the past week of moisture. Keltie discovered this in a quick hurry. Callum looked so old in his sport coat ensemble with saddle shoes. It isn’t until he starts walking and talking that you remember just how young he really is. I thoroughly enjoyed having Jaron and Ashlyn over to my house before the party. They were a big help by wrapping gifts and even cleaned up the toy room that I didn’t get to from the night before. I love getting to talk with Alyssa about her school projects and the books she reads. Kenna is still “houdini” making appearances for food etc and then disappearing again. Marissa loves her cousin, Gracie. She follows her around like a puppy dog. It is so cute. Trevin was so excited for this day to come. He loved opening his gifts and gave everyone big hugs and thank you’s. Emalee is such a unique character. She is helping me one minute and sneaking candy the next. She loved playing with cousins.

When my schedule is unbearable and I think about cancelling our Sunday dinners, I just remember the contentment I see on the faces of my children and grandchildren. It makes any time sacrifice worth it in the end.”

{Emmy’s date night and a fun visit from Callum}


Emmy and I went on a date night tonight and we had such a good time.  I had some bread that needed to be used and so we used it to feed the ducks.  Then we went to the library and read some books and rented some Dora CD’s.  There are three CD’s full of Dora tunes.  One of Emmy’s favorite stores is the Dollar Store….so we browsed around and I bought her three things….a little purse, lip balm and a bag of Skittles.  She was in heaven…all for $3!  Here is a little video clip of Emmy:

When we returned from our date night, Andy was babysitting Callum for Martina.  She took the girls to a play for Alyssa’s birthday and didn’t want to take Callum with.  The kiddos enjoyed having their cousin over.


After a short while, Mimi and Opi came over to take Callum away.  It was fun while it lasted!


{Easter Festivities 2009}

For Easter this year, we traveled to Logan to have a family party at Ryan and Martina’s new home. Andy and I had to work in the morning and headed up once we were finished. We even brought Minji along (our foreign exchange student).  We BBQ’d some meat…here is Ryan getting things started:


And here is the view from his deck:



After a yummy dinner, we divided the kids up into three groups for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The first group consisted of the older kids (8 years old & up). Here is a picture of Jaron, Alyssa and MaKenna:


There were five in that group including Alyssa, MaKenna and Jaron along with Minji and Rose (Ryan’s sister). The hunt was in their backyard area……”and they’re OFF!”





Emalee watching from above



Alyssa reaching up to get the goodies

The next group included three years old to six years old. This included Ashlyn, Grace, Trevin, Emalee and Marissa. It was held in the large family room downstairs.  Here they are on the stairs waiting (anxiously mind you) for things to begin….




Well, things get going and Callum is left by himself to go down the stairs.  The kiddo didn’t want to miss out on anything…

Here I come!!


Here are some pictures of the kiddos during the Easter Egg Hunt:





And finally, the two babies; Keltie and Callum. Their hunt was in a small room off to the side of the family room.


Mimi brought other activities for the kiddos….like frosting bunny shaped sugar cookies, making paper baskets to hold the cookies, and decorating Easter pails for the hunt.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the evening.  It’s of Gracie and Ashlyn….


The evening was topped off with homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert along with cookies.  It was a wonderful evening for all.

{Thanksgiving 2008}

I love this quote!

There is something magical about holidays, this one included.  It just doesn’t get better than making memories with your family and truly reflecting on your blessings.


The last couple of years, Andy has enjoyed playing flag football in the morning with some of the guys from the neighborhood.  He plays for a couple hours and then comes home.  It’s usually freezing cold and today was no exception.

Some years we have Thanksgiving on our own and other years we join up with the whole family.  This year we all got together and it turned out very nice. 




Mimi getting things ready….




Emalee and Trevin TRIED to wait patiently for dinner, but they got a bit anxious, which ultimately causes them to get on each others nerves.  Trevin thrivessssssssssss on making Emalee miserable (…it is a brothers duty you know).  And Emalee doesn’t take any of Trevin’s crap….she dishes it right back out…so it can be a bad combination at times!!

Here are some quick pics of the day:




Callum and Keltie hung out and played together….



I love how Mimi summarized the day on her blog.  She writes, “Although I am exhausted, and my kitchen looks like disaster central, Thanksgiving was a day to be thankful for. We had lots of fun times, crazy times, a few mishaps (like dropping the pumpkin pie) and a few entertaining moments (Melanie playing the piano for her grandpa and the granddaughters singing Disney Princess karaoke songs). Dinner was delish. The holiday table was loaded with food. We ended up with 24 people. I made new friends with Lee, Minji and “J” (short for Jaymin). Our guests this year came from California and Korea.  After dinner, I got to play landmark bingo with the grandkiddies. I found prizes that had something to do with Thanksgiving. The adults played card games too. We had our family picture taken. All I can say is thank goodness for digital cameras and photo shop. When over half of the people in the picture are 10 years old and under, it makes for a creative time.  Even though I love to cook, it is difficult to miss out on some of the goings on while preparing the food. My grandchildren say and do the funniest things. For example, Trevin said, “My bottom burped” after passing gas. All in all, a memorable day.’




Martina at the table, Andy and Oma on the couch

Later in the evening, my Grandpa Peterson stopped by for a visit.  He wanted to say hi to Jeff while he was in town.  While the Day’s visited in the family room, my mom, Jeff, Grandpa and myself visited in the front room.  It was nice to catch up and see my grandpa joke with Jeff about the T-shirt he was wearing…asking if he wanted to switch.  Throughout the conversation he noticed the piano in the room and said it looked similar to Grandma’s piano.  I said, “That’s because it is.  You gave the piano to John and Liberty after Grandma died.  When they moved to Hawaii they asked me to store it until they got back.”  Tears welled up his eyes and he asked if I would play it for him.  I brushed him off and said, “Nnnnnaaaawww.”  He asked me again.  It’s been years since I’ve played the piano for him.  So, I played a Jazz piece and a couple other songs.  It really made his day….for that I am grateful.

I am so thankful for basic things such as my family, good health, gospel, friends, and life.  However, I am grateful for the small things as well.  Truly I blessed beyond measure.