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{Easter with Day Family}

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{Easter 2013}

20130331_184455  20130331_184502
20130331_184535  20130331_184659
1 – Kristin, Mimi and Martina
2 – Cookies Martina made
3 – Ryan guarding the stairs.  The little kids had to wait downstairs for the Easter egg hunt until us mom’s gave the thumbs up.  Ryan secured the fort.
4 – Parker and Keltie ready to start the hunt.

20130331_184741 20130331_184828
20130331_184928 20130331_185007
5 – Alyssa and MaKenna
6 – The kiddos ready and waiting at the back door for the festivities to begin.
7 – Trent, Opi, Ryan and Callum
8 – Jaron trying to ignore the fact that his mother is taking a picture of him.

20130331_185028 20130331_185037
IMG_0986 20130331_185040
9 – Emalee
10 – Alyssa, MaKenna and Keltie
11 – Parker found the glasses I gave him.
12 – Grace and Jaron

20130331_185147 20130331_185153
20130331_185157 20130331_190147
13 – Trevin
14 – Emalee
15 – Andy taking pictures
16 – Ashlyn found a one dollar coin

20130331_190232 20130331_190306
20130331_193258 IMG_0975
17 – Trevin and Jaron checking out the goods
18 – Opi and Oma viewing the festivities from the back window
19 – Callum sporting the new glasses I gave him
20 – Dinner

IMG_0982  20130331_184646  20130331_190124
21 – All the kiddos ready to start the hunt
22 – Ashlyn and Gracie wearing matching pj’s.
23 – Gracie found the golden egg which entitled her to this year’s chocolate bunny

20130331_184707  20130331_190217  20130331_190121
24 – Marissa
25 – Keltie
26 – Emalee.  Gosh, is three buckets going to be enough Em?  Note one of them is a Halloween trick-or-treat bucket.

20130331_185222  20130331_185206
27 – Andy even got in on the fun
28 – Jaron and Ashlyn trying to knock stuff out of the tree with a plastic bat

{Easter Egg Hunt 2012}

We went to Mimi and Opi’s house tonight for dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt.  Mimi even surprised us with an egg hunt for the adults.  Opi found the golden egg, which contained money (lucky him).  The other boys (Trent, Ryan and Andy) played rough…they felt competition with chocolate at stake.  ; )

While we were hiding the eggs for the kiddos hunt, they were downstairs making gliders.  Then they went out to the front lawn to test them out….to see who’s glider went the farthest.  It was a lot of fun!

{A beautiful Easter}

Today was such a spiritual and uplifting day.  The Ward Choir sang three musical numbers in Sacrament Meeting today (which included Andy, Ashlyn and Trevin).  They all sang very beautiful and I even teared up a few times just listening to them sing.  The speakers were equally wonderful.

I was asked to substitute in Primary today and taught the 5/6 year olds.  What a wonderful group of children.  We talked about the resurrection today, or in their own words, “broken and then fixed”.  So I taught them that they would never be “broken” again after the resurrection.  What simple faith and powerful spirits these young children have.

A few weeks ago,  our home teachers (Dan and Cole Achter) came by and visited and during their visit they asked the kids, “What is the meaning behind Easter?”  Not one of my kiddos could answer their question…not even Jaron.  This really surprised me.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I try and make a big deal about it each year.  I have never really celebrated the Easter bunny with my children.  We try hard to focus on the real purpose and meaning behind Easter.  I have always done (General) Conference baskets in place of Easter baskets.  They love and look forward to their conference baskets and haven’t ever asked why they don’t get Easter baskets.  (It could just be that they don’t know differently).   However, it just goes to show that no matter how much you think your children know and understand basic gospel principles, you should review them often.  I have been trying to do exactly that this week.

I am so grateful for the Savior and His atonement.  I know that He is real.  I am thankful for the Spirit I have felt today.  I pray that I may live my life in such a way as to return and live with Him and my family forever.

* Jaron slept over at my mom’s house and so he wasn’t with us today and I couldn’t find Trevin when I was taking these photos, so this is it…..a few pictures of the gals.

{Easter Egg Hunt at Mimi’s / Baby Animals}

This morning we had breakfast at Mimi’s house with the whole family.  Martina and Ryan had come from Logan and all the cousins got a chance to see each other.  After breakfast, we headed over to the Box Elder house for the Easter Egg Hunt.  The Box Elder house was where Mimi was raised and was our first house just after being married.  It is currently vacant and inbetween renters, so Mimi decided it would be fun to show the grandkids where she grew up.

Martina helping hide the goodies….

First, Mimi had all the kiddos stand on the porch for a quick picture and to review the rules.

Next she gave each child their own bag for the hunt with their name on it.  Inside each bag was a book she selected for that grandchild.

While this was going on, the boys were all working on Andy’s truck.  Andy’s truck window would not roll up and they were all getting it figured out (which they did thankfully!)

The hunters are on their way to the backyard…..following their faithful leader, Mimi.

The older kids wanted to watch the younger kids during their hunt instead of having both at the same time.  (Half of the backyard was designated for the younger kiddos only and the other half was designated for the older kiddos).

The older kids got a kick watching the younger ones; however, they were pretty anxious to get started themselves.

Trevin checking out his treasures….

Once we returned home, the kids put all their “goods” together and opened a store….except for Jaron who decided to have his own store.  He didn’t want to join together with his siblings and risk losing ANY of his candy!  :  )

After the fun ended, we headed up to “This is the place” monument.  We have a season pass there and they were showcasing their baby animals this weekend.  So my mom, Libby and her kids and our family enjoyed some time up there together.  (John was on an overnighter with the scouts).

We decided to take a train ride together….unfortunately, this first picture didn’t turn out:

Ashlyn and Amelia holding baby rabbits:

Emalee and myself holding a baby chick:

Here’s a picture of Spencer enjoying the pony ride:

More animals….

The kids enjoyed playing some pioneer games, pretending hanging up wash on a clothesline, walking on stilts and making some pioneer crafts.  Trevin and Alton did a great job on this game (I didn’t get a picture of Trevin in action, but they all had fun trying):

All in all, it was a very nice day!!  Then again, any time spent with family is a very nice day.

{Easter Egg Surprises ~ School and Soccer}

Easter Egg surprises are on their way to cousins…..  Such fun!  Emalee helped me carry the Easter Eggs to the car so we could take them to the post office:

I also had the opportunity to help out in Emalee’s class room.  Their class had planned a small field trip to a near by park.  In preparation for their adventure, they let each child make their own sack lunch.  They had each child make their own peanut butter sandwich (using a tongue depressor), select a drink and snack and then wait in line.  I took a quick snapshot of Emalee and her friend Kate making their PBJ’s.

Tonight, Jaron and Ashlyn had their first schedule soccer practice.

Jaron’s team listening to Coach Tim.

Ashlyn tried to wait patiently for her practice to start by reading to me in the car….

My kids got their Easter pictures taken by my neighbors daughter this year.  They turned out darling…here are a few of my favorites.

{Happy Easter!}

Ashlyn drew this picture for Andy today.  I loved it and wanted to share it with you all.  I love how she wrote “to: Dad Day”. 

{Easter 2008}

I have finished scrapbooking Easter 2008!  Yeah for me.  I thought you’d like to see a preview of our fun.






{Jaron’s Bunny Picture}



Today has really been a wonderful day. I had sharing time today and had asked several people to help participate. Wow. I felt the spirit through the whole sharing time. It was amazing. Even the Sunbeams were mesmerized. They were incredibly reverent and respectful of our guests. Here is what we did. I asked various people in my ward to represent the following characters:* Judge
* Bailiff

All of the following characters were dressed in simple costume to help the children visualize them and have them come to life. I didn’t give them a script; rather, I asked them to share three things with everyone. First, introduce their character to the children. Second, share of how they came to know Christ and lastly, share their witness that Christ lives and that they are one of His witnesses. If you need your sharing time to go longer, you can add more character. The winning ingredient in this sharing time, was choosing people that could make these characters come to life. They each had an ability to capture the children with their stories. Here were the five witnesses:

* Mary Magdalene
* Peter
* Doubting Thomas
* Abner, a Nephite father
* Jospeh Smith, as a teenager

Setup: I had a small table at the front of the room covered with a white tablecloth. I had the table face the podium, where the witnesses would speak. The bailiff stood to the side of the judge when speaking and then would sit in a chair by the table. I started the sharing time by saying that our visitors will be introducing themselves today and to listen carefully to what they have to say. The bailiff was the first to come in. He then asked that the witnesses please come in and have a seat. They all walked in and were seated on some chairs I had set up. Then the bailiff said, “Will you please all rise for the Honorable Judge. (The judge walked in and was seated). The 1st district court of the Morningside Ward is now is session. You may be seated.” The judge turns to the children and teachers, who he refers to as jurors, and says something like, “Before we begin, I’d like to ask you if you know what a judge does?” Various children gave their answers. “I have the responsibility of deciding whether or not someone is telling the truth and if they are credible. That means, if they were really witnesses to certain things. It doesn’t matter what they saw on tv, or what they read in the newspaper or what someone told them. The only thing I care about is things they experienced first hand and were witnesses to. With that in mind, we will get started on how these witnesses came to know of Jesus Christ. Bailiff please proceed.”Bailiff – “Will the witness Mary Magadeline please take the stand?”Mary goes to the microphone and introduces her character, how she came to know of Jesus and ended by saying in her own words that Jesus is the Christ, that He lives. Each character did a FANTASTIC job. The bailiff then calls upon each person. The last character called was doubting Thomas and he summarized his testimony so well to the children. He said something like, “I doubted once but I doubt no more. I know that Jesus Christ is alive, even now, and that is my testimony.” Wow. The spirit was so strong.After each witness finished their account the judge would say, “Thank you. You may be excused. Bailiff, please call the next witness.”The the judge summarized everything by saying, “Today we’ve heard the testimonies of these five people. In the scriptures it says that in order for a testimony to be credible there should be a minimum of at least two witnesses. Today we have heard these five people testify that Jesus Christ lives. I find their testimonies to be credible. I find that they indeed knew Him. Each one of you can be a judge. You can judge whether a person is telling the truth. You can also be blessed with a greater witness to truth and that is the Holy Ghost.”As soon as they were finished, I played the last few minutes of a video about His resurrection. After the video, I concluded by saying, “I add my witness that I know Jesus Christ lives. He was resurrected and He is my Savior. He loves us. All of us here today can be witnesses of Christ and I hope that we would live our lives in a way that we can return and live with Him.” Wow. I felt the spirit the whole entire sharing time. Even junior primary, who is usually so wiggly, sat completely still, so taken with each of the characters. Each character only spoke for three or four minutes, so the children were always interested in what would happen next. It turned out wonderful!

Later in the day we went to Mimi and Opi’s for Sunday dinner. We brought a Jell-O salad. It is a simple Jell-O salad with whipped topping. Then we made these Jell-O jiggler eggs but all of them broke in half. So we put each of the halves on top of the whipped topping. It was so funny looking. I had to take a picture of it. As were eating dinner, my mom snapped a few pictures of Jaron. He loves a hat that is at their house and wears it each Sunday.

Trevin helped me say the blessing on the food tonight. I asked him before we started the prayer if he needed any help. He said, “Yep”. So I helped him, line by line. Somewhere in the middle he threw in one sentence on his own…”Thank you for Nursery.” Although many giggled, it was so sweet. It was so sincere. He does love Nursery. He looks forward to going to Nursery each week. Even Jaron said today while at church, “I love coming here [to church].”  Speaking of Jaron, he said something funny to me this morning.  He noticed that both he and Trevin were wearing green and said, “Mom, where’s your green?”

I believe Jaron took this picture of MaKenna as she was coming down the stairs tonight:

Our Easter Egg Hunt

You know how yesterday my lawn got a haircut?  Well, today my yard got a face lift.  After Andy got back from helping Trent move a piano, we “labored and toiled” in our yard.  It looks so much better.  My hands sure are dried out and yucky.  I should have taken before pictures, but here is what it looks like now:

Right after we got the yard all spiffy, the family all came over for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Usually it’s been at Mimi and Opi’s but I offered to have it at our house.  I couldn’t believe how HOT it was.  The chocolate was practically melted after putting it out there.  Here are some pictures of our fun:

View full size

Here is a picture of the kids’ Easter baskets.  They certainly weren’t forgotten.  Anyway, after the Easter Egg Hunt we had a potluck lunch together.  All in all, it is just fun to hang out together and catch up with all that goes on in our lives.


I have to share something funny that Ashlyn said.  She had been talking baby talk all morning.  I told her if she didn’t stop it, the next time she did it, I’d put her in time out.  Sure enough she started up again and I sent her to time out.  I told her, “You just earned three minutes in time out.”  She corrected me and said, “No, mom, I’m four…I should have four minutes.”  We all busted up laughing.  She willingly went to time out and did her four minutes. 

Late tonight I received an e-mail from this gal that was so humbling.  She was thanking me for my website and I have to share:

My husband and I are temporarily living in an inner city ward. While it tries our patience we feel good about our ability to serve.  He is doing and internship and we will leave when he is finished. At this point I serve as Primary President.  It is regular for half the teachers, the chorister, pianist or a presidency member to not show up to church. We spend a lot of time putting out fires. This leads me to my reason for emailing. I have a four year old and twin 18 month olds. My husband is often working. I am SO grateful for your website. It allows me to get my creative juices flowing to create great opportunities for the children to learn. It combines all the resources and gives me a wonderful starting point everytime. Tonight I write because the Bishop just called and informed me my second counselor is having a break down. I am not surprised and hold only feelings of concern for her, but of course that means I will be doing Sharing Time tomorrow.  Straight to your website I went. With luck, I’ll be in bed by 11pm.  So Thank you, Thank you, to you and those who contribute.  The pictures for the songs are wonderful as well.  (Since that is something I often end up in charge of too.)  Thank you, thank you. You are a blessing.Love,
Sister Melissa Baxter

One last thing….I have to share with you this video clip of Emalee during the Easter Egg Hunt.  She didn’t care about anything but her mini m & m’s.  My mom put them in a lid where she could have them as she wished.  My mom ate one and Emmy started walking in circles and screaming, letting us all know she was upset about it.  Anyway, here is a clip:


Spring Pictures

It’s been a really nice day today.  It was much warmer than yesterday and it feels like spring.  Andy had to work on an emergency for work this morning and it kept him up until 4 a.m.  Needless to say, he’s crashed for the night.  He helped me take the kids to Kiddie Kandids to get some spring pictures taken.  I love the pictures they end up taking.  I don’t like how long you have to wait to get in.  It’s funny because there are usually only one or two people ahead of me each time I go and I still wait almost two hours by the time they start taking pictures….  I wish they would take appointments.  So while we waited we walked around the mall and visited with the Easter bunny.  Trevin was the most afraid.  Emalee studied the bunny and then wanted down but she didn’t cry.  Ash and Jaron were excited.  Trevin insisted on holding his sandals for some reason.  Anyway, here’s the pictures:


Here are the pictures from Kiddie Kandids:

I tried out a new baked bean recipe for dinner tonight and it is d-vine!!  Emalee especially loved them.  I just stuck them in the crock pot and whala…  Super easy. 

When we got back from home from the mall, I took a picture of the tree in our pond.  It has the most beautiful blossoms… I love this time of year and seeing everything bloom.

Blossoms up close

My new yard art…

Bert and Ernie are back again to visit.  I think they are looking for Jaron.  Every time he sees them he grabs our loaf of bread so he can feed them. 

I came across a cool website tonight that helps you organize your home…head to toe.  She gives such practical advice…now I just need to do it.  Anyway, if you want to take a look for yourself, click here.