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Navajo Taco Day

Alton slept over last night and the kids had a blast playing together this morning. Each child begged for Alton’s undivided attention (in their own way).

However there was one occasion when all the kids hung out together to look at an older picture album turned into a book.  

Church was very uplifting and awesome. We had a combined Relief Society / Priesthood lesson on the Sabbath Day. I left the meeting with an increased desire to do more to make Sunday’s even more special and sacred.

(A snapshot of Andy and I at church today)

After church we started getting dinner ready. (We invited my mom and John’s family to join us.). While some of us prepared dinner, Ashlyn and Alton played the game Scattegories. Ashlyn loves that game!…but she loves winning even more.

Andy and Emmy worked on making the Navajo tacos together. It’s one of his favorite foods to make. He made it often while he was on his mission since it’s a food they never had in Taiwan. 

Once everyone went home and the kitchen was clean again, I could relax for a bit. Ready to start another week. 

Saturday – Soccer Day

While the day may have started with catching up on homework, the rest of the day was filled with soccer, soccer and more soccer.  We had six games from Park City to Draper.

While Jaron was getting ready for his game, Andy asked if he and Jaron were close to the same height. He’s not there yet but it won’t be long!

I dropped Ashlyn off to her soccer game and her team was so excited to see her again. Her game went well…she even scored once during the game winning 3 to 1.


Emalee on the other hand was thrilled to get a piece of mail addressed just to her! It was a card from Mimi.  It sure made her feel special. 

Jaron has had a particularly hard time adjusting to the time difference. He fell asleep at 4:00 p.m. and would not get back up, so I let him be.  Both he and Ashlyn did that yesterday and ended up waking around 2 a.m. this morning. I wanted them to stay up tonight until (at least) 8:00 p.m. Ashlyn made it but Jaron did not.

Trevin begged Andy to let Alton sleep over tonight. With a lot of begging and a few extra chores, it was approved. They played hard tonight. Before the sun went down, they played soccer at the park behind our house.

Here are the sweaty and smelly kiddos!!

Yeah, it’s off!

Emalee has had an orthodontic device in her mouth the last few month’s to help with tongue thrush. She was soooo excited to get it off!  We’ll go back in six weeks and make sure all is well. 

Trevin doing his homework…


…while Em and I made BBQ chicken salads for dinner. 

I just got a text from Quinn letting me know that these two are at the airport right now and will be boarding to go home in a few minutes!!!! So happy to have them back home. My heart can’t wait .


Where did the summer go? School starts tomorrow!

Trev and Emmy we’re excited to talk to Ashlyn on the telephone this morning. Ashlyn was in Verona , Italy today seeing a coliseum….listened to opera and ate at McDonald’s. Jaron on the other hand was able to visit the Swiss temple today and met a couple from Taylorsville and a couple from Bountiful, Utah (with the last name “Day”). He asked if we were related but I don’t know of any relatives in Bountiful.     

I went to my Zumba class at 9:00. I really look forward to going but worry they’ll cancel it because only three people show up each week (the same three every week). I try and recruit others, and they’ll come once and not return. I guess I’ll keep trying….
Later in the afternoon, the kids and I did a little school shopping. They already had backpacks and clothes….they just needed some folders, pencil boxes and markers…..and snacks for lunches….. and….and…..and….. It all adds up but they’re ready to rock and roll. 

While I taught piano to Diana and Daniella, Andy took Emalee to soccer practice. 

Afterwards, we headed out to pick up some vegetables from my cousin. She said if we wanted any corn, we could go pick some from my uncle. Well, yes please! So we headed over to my Uncle Jack’s house and added corn, tomatoes, onions and carrots to our veggie basket.

When we got home it was pretty late. Andy gave Em and Trev a priesthood blessing for school, a very special tradition in our family. They are both so excited for school. In coming days, it will be hard to get them out of bed but tomorrow won’t be one of them. It’s like Christmas….sort of.


Very blessed indeed

Yesterday was exhausting with all the things on our “to-do” list. Our air conditioner went out Friday night and while Andy and Trev were at The Father and Sons campout, Em and I slept at my mom’s house. Our house was in the high 80’s. 
While there, I helped her build a little dog run within her garage to contain Eisley. That way when she pulls into the garage and Eisley goes through the dog door, she doesn’t run over him with her car, unknowingly. The heat and humidity were two degrees short of a record I found out watching the news. However I felt it while working in the garage…my mom and I were dripping sweat from our noses to our backs. But we got the project done and it looks great. 

Our air conditioner is still giving us fits, but we’ll survive until we figure it out.  

Melissa Wyatt asked Andy and I to help out during her sharing time today in Primary. We were to try and dress as a person in Bible times and recount a specific scripture story we witnessed. I was to tell of the story of Jarius’ daughter. Andy was to retell the story of Christ raising Lazarus from the dead.  

Before leaving for church, Andy and I got our costumes put together. I put my stuff in my bag and left and when I caught up with my walking partner, I noticed she was dressed like this. She’s never one to feel left out. She creates her own fun. We got a few dazed looks on the way to church, but that’s okay! She’s awesome.

When we got home from church we made some pizzas for dinner and watched a Bible show about Daniel. Different friends (of Trev and Em) came over on and off and we fed whoever came by.  

Later in the evening I started picking the peaches off my trees and sat and peeled, sliced and bagged them while chatting with Val and Christine on a video call. 

It’s been a very busy weekend but I am thankful my body can keep up with it all. Very blessed indeed. 

Klondike, Tae Kwon Do, Cookies and more

Today was a very busy day.  Mimi and I went exercising at Curves.  While chatting with her she mentioned all that she needed to do today in preparation for a huge service project she’s involved in.  I offered to help her bake some of the cookies for the sack lunches that will be donated.  She brought over a box of sugar cookies and toffee cookies.  After I finished cooking all of them, Trevin and his friend Atti took them down to Mimi’s house for me.  Trevin has lost so many coats he is now using Emalee’s quite regularly.

10959520_10206062084530712_2764291967943903950_n 1518025_10206062084330707_6089759203105067975_n

Jay Brimhall came by around 4:00 p.m. to pick up Jaron for the Scout Klondike campout.  They went up to Don Hughes ranch….where there was actually snow (unlinke around here….look at the lawn in the picture….no snow).  Jaron is in shorts and looking like he’s planning on going to the beach.  I made sure he had what he needed but whether or not he’ll use it is up to him.

Andy, Trevin, Emalee and Ashlyn headed off to Tae Kwon Do together.  They are getting close to advancing to the next belt.  Afterwards, they went and got ice cream together.  Emalee shared a few bites with me when she got home.  The girls painted each others nails, I read a book and we all settled down for the evening.  Grateful for all the busy moments but my spirit thrives on the quieter ones. 

  20150206_115530 20150206_135817   20150206_205306 20150206_205409

Emalee’s first sewing lesson

20150103_11594420150103_120001Andy and Trevin headed off to a soccer game early this morning.  Since the girls slept over at my mom’s, this left me some time to work out.  I ran a few errands afterwards and came home and Jaron was still asleep at 12:30!  That kid is my night owl!

Trevin played two soccer games today and won both.  He received his first yellow card today for slipping to get the ball.  I told him it was an accident and not to worry about it.

My mom dropped the girls off and ended up staying for a bit to start teaching Emalee how to sew (her first lesson).  She started her on paper sewing sheets to give her familiar with the machine.  She struggled a bit but over time she will get it.

IMG_2634   IMG_2635

Grandma’s Girls

Lots of routine, mundane things happened today.  I got my oil changed in my van this morning, went grocery shopping,  exercised with Mimi, worked on SugarDoodle, cleaned the house and watched a movie with my kiddos.  There are only a couple more days before school starts and we’re trying to enjoy every last minute together.

IMG_2629  IMG_2630  IMG_2631  IMG_2632

20150102_180150Andy, Jaron and Trevin went to Tae Kwon Do tonight.  Ashlyn, Emalee and Amelia had a sleep over tonight at my mom’s house…a girls night out.  I’m sure they won’t be sad they missed Tae Kwon Do.  Spending time with Amelia and Grandma Kluse trumps sports any day!

I also made an awesome veggie dip today.  You just mix 2 cups of cottage cheese in the blender with one Fiesta Ranch packet.  Yum!

I had to also include a picture of my computer screen.  If I ever leave my computer for a few minutes, I know Jaron has been there because my moniter will say, “I like trains.”  Love him!


{The Golden Gate Bridge}

** I can’t remember exactly when these pictures were taken but wanted to post them on my blog.  It’s a blast from the past.



{Easter with Day Family}

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{Hollywood Connection}




Jaron and Ashlyn enjoyed their last day of Spring Break today. Jaron got a much needed haircut. Jaron, Ash and Grace (who slept over last night) went shopping for clothes and then we went out to lunch. After picking up Emmy, Trevin and Atti (Trevin’s friend), we went to Hollywood Connection and went rollerskating. Emmy and Atti needed walkers to help them skate. They had a blast.






{Riverview Junior High 2014-2015}

I found out this morning that Jaron and Ashlyn were both accepted to Riverview Junior High next year. After school was over the three of us headed over there to finish signing them up and to choose their classes.


Jaron will be in eighth grade next year and has more class options than Ashlyn, which really made her mad. It set her off and landed her in a bad mood the rest of the day. Yuck!

Since it was such a beautiful day today, Emalee, Trevin and myself went on a walk today. We decided to bring a garbage bag with us to pick up liter on our walk.


We decided to walk over to John and Lib’s house and return Alton’s coat he left at his piano lesson yesterday.  We enjoyed visiting with them for a few minutes.




The rest of the night was filled with soccer practices for Trevin and Ashlyn, Elder’s Quorum visits for Andy and cleaning for me.

{Stake Conference. …just the beginning}


(Left to right—–> President Dave Tidwell {1st counselor}, President Preston Wakefield {President} and President Bruce Gale {2nd Counselor….the counselor over Primary}

Stake Conference was amazing, both yesterday and today. Our Stake Presidency spoke and shared wonderful, inspiring messages. I couldn’t keep up in my note-taking.

After conference concluded, me and my new Presidency were set apart. It was the first time I met my counselors.  They seem awesome…can’t wait to get to know them. 


(Left to right——-> Me [President], Jeralyn Lovell [1st counselor], Kristen Openshaw [2nd Counselor], Brooke Wakefield [Music Specialist] and Heather Roberts [Secretary].

All of our setting aparts were beautiful and custom-tailored to us as individuals.  Pretty typical of me, but I can’t remember most of what was said but I remember how I felt. 


Not too long after, Ashlyn had New Beginnings tonight. It is for all the Young Women but especially for the new ones coming into the program. 

There are probably around eight new Beehives coming in this year, which is a lot for our ward.

We ended up bringing Bailee with us…



They spotlighted each new Beehive and gave them a “bee” balloon with a baggie with their favorite candybar, persinal progress book and more.  Here are a few of them as they go up after they are spotlighted….





We hurried home from New Beginnings to get dinner started. We had invited my mom and one of my Visiting Teaching sisters family over for dinner and hadn’t started the food yet….45-50 minutes to go.  We made Navajo tacos…here Emmy is helping Andy roll out the dough.




We had such a good time with them {The Snyder family}. We will have to do it again soon.

{Round two has arrived}


I took Jaron to the doctor last Friday and Emmy decided to follow suit.  We do have a cool doctor and all but still….  It’s hard to see your kiddos sick…it’s the pits.  I took Emmy on today and she too has atrep and bronchialitis.  Bummer deal.  Here’s hoping it ends with Em.

{Cousin sleepover}


We invited Marissa to sleep over tonight.  I can hear Marissa and Emmy chatting and giggling right now as they are preparing to doze off.  Last I heard,  Emmy asked Marissa what she was grateful for….to which she replied electricity.  So cute!