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{Friday fun day}



After school today, I took the kids and a few friends swimming at the Murray Rec center.  It was a lot of fun. Shortly after returning home, Ashlyn headed off to babysitt the Chatlelain’s kids for the evening.  She really is a great babysitter.  She loved that they have a baby (Brynn) who slept in her arms for part of the evening.

{Our next adventures}


The kiddos were DYING to go swimming this morning.  I told them it was too cold but then we learned they have a hot tub and the rest was history.  

Once we got cleaned up we headed to Trevin’s first game.   The soccer fields are in the middle of nowhere but they are surrounded by beautiful rock mountains. 





They won the first game but it was close.  The most incredible shot of the game came from the other team as a boy made a corner kick right into the goal!  Extremely rare but the wind helped make it a perfect shot. It was their first point in the game.  

Afterwards the team met up at a bowling alley and had dinner and fun together.



{On our way…}




This weekend our plans take us to Nevada for a soccer tournament with Trevin’s team.  The drive south was beautiful and welcome….except for the daunting question that (literally) popped up every few minutes. ….”are we almost there?”

We stopped in Fillmore to eat at Xin’s parents restaurant.   They are such cute people.  I wish I could speak more Chinese.

We got settled into our hotel and ready for bed.  It’s funny but going on vacation (for my kids) is all about the hotel key and WHO gets to open the door.  Now that is a vacation!

{Sunday’s might be busy but they can be great}


I made some homemade orange rolls tonight.   They were so good.  There is not a picture of them because they disappeared so quickly. Oops!  However, I remembered a trick my mom used when cutting cinnamon rolls.  She used dental floss.  It works like a charm! 

Tonight we headed downtown to watch the First Presidency Christmas devotional.   My friend gave me tickets…which ended up being pretty good seats. 

♡ I love that moment when the prophet walks in and you can hear a pin drop as everyone stands up.  It was the first time our children have seen the prophet in person.  It was a wonderful devotional and a fabulous evening together.






Love these boys!

{Church – Dinner time}

We attended a ward in Logan this morning.  It was such an unusual church building layout.  I haven’t ever seen the pulpit all the way to the right before. Usually they are in the center of the stand.  Anyway, the meeting itself was lovely.  It was fast and testimony meeting and there was a sweet spirit in the meeting.


For dinner, Jaron prepared and ate the fish he caught yesterday.  He loves to fish and eat fish.

The rest of us had grilled cheese and freshbavocado sandwiches and watermelon….so yum!




It’s wonderful spending time together.

{On the way up}


We are in the car on the way up to the cabin.   Car is packed, dog is packed, food is packed… oh, and kids are packed.  Should be a nice weekend together. 

Bring on the roadtrip….and questions like, “Are we almost there?”……because we are Logan bound, baby!


{Cold Stone}


Since there was no school today, we all decided to go out for ice cream together.  Andy is behind Jaron on the phone.  Hazel is in a car seat in front of Andy and my mom is taking the picture.  It was fun to see what everyone got.  Trevin was thrilled to get cake batter ice cream….Emmy got cotton candy ice cream and I got various sherbets mixed together….heaven!

{Outing to Cold Stone}

My brother Jeff showed up unexpectedly from California this last Saturday night.  He has spent one week with us and before he went home, we all went out for ice cream at Cold Stone.

It is rare that you get a smiling picture from Jeff.  He always pulls a variety of faces for the camera.  (Mom, Jeff & Libby)

Emalee, Trevin and Amelia.

Andy and Spencer.  Spencer is doing what he loves most….watching a movie on Grandma’s cell phone.


Not pictured are Hazel, me and John.  : * (



For Val’s birthday present, Martina organized a family outing to the Desert Star Playhouse (former Vista theater) for the melodrama, “Wicked-er or it isn’t easy being green”.   It was fun to be with family on a Monday night, to get to laugh and relax.  Once it got going, it was pretty funny.  The best part was watching Emalee really get into the dancing and singing.  I fully expect her to be on that stage or one like it when she grows up.  She is a born entertainer.  Partial Group photo: Ryan had to fly out to Portland.  Trent had to work and Kristin stayed home with the little kids.

{The last day of summer fun}

2013-01-01 22.57.43_sept29_2012

Today was the last day of great summer weather.  So we took advantage of it and we all went swimming.  I love it when we take time to play!!!  In fact, we loved it so much, we bought season passes to Cowabunga Bay.  We’ll be continuing our fun next summer!

2013-01-01 23.07.02

{Cowabunga Bay}

After school today, I took the kiddos (as well as Trevin’s friend Bronson) to Cowabunga Bay.  It is a water park with lots of slides and water features.  It is relatively new….it opened a couple years ago but we haven’t ever been.  We had pizza, drinks and ice cream and spent the rest of the afternoon in the water.  We had such a great time that I purchased season passes for next year.

The boys chose ice cream cones….while the girls chose Dole pineapple whips.  Mmmm……

{Tuachan 2012}


This morning we headed to St. George for our annual Tuachan trip.  We actually took two vehicles this time.  My mom, myself, Ashlyn, Emalee and Amelia went in one car and left mid-morning.  Andy, Jaron, Trevin and Alton left mid-afternoon.  I had planned to stop by Rena’s house on the way out to give her a birthday present.  She turned 11 years old a couple days ago.  Amazing how fast time marches along!!  (When she was placed in our home, she was two years old.)  When we arrived at her house, she was actually having a birthday party with a few of her good friends.  Michelle had made her some amazing high-heel cupcakes….something like this:


Anyway, we visited for a while…got cupcakes for the road and headed out.  Andy and the boys didn’t leave until the afternoon because Andy is coaching Jaron’s and Ashlyn’s soccer team.  They haven’t started any games yet, but they had an open house where you meet your coach, pick up your uniform, help name your team and get schedules.  It’s always a huge production.  Andy stayed and helped get everything cleaned up and once that was done, the boys hit the road.  It was soooo hot!  I just got the air conditioning fixed on the car and boy were they grateful.

Since we (the girls) had time to kill, we took them to a splash pad in St. George.  This was at one of their parks and the girls had a blast!  Even my mom and I joined in on the fun – it felt good to cool off!

IMG_0425 IMG_0423 IMG_0422  IMG_0417 IMG_0416 IMG_0415 IMG_0414

We rented Mimi’s brother’s condo and headed off their to change and to have dinner ready by the time the boys arrived.

The Tuachan in St. George is in its own league.  Their production of Aladdin was amazing!!  I have loved everything I’ve seen, and this certainly is no exception.  They even had a section of the play in 3D.  We had to put on our glasses to get the total effect.  They had Aladdin and Jasmine fly over the audience on their magic carpet (pictured below).  It will be a tradition we continue for a long time.

70190954 TuacahnAladdin23 TuacahnAladdin16 TuacahnAladdin7 tn-500_screenshot2012-07-22at4.22.13pm

{Planet Play}

We took the kids to Planet Play tonight and invited John and family to come along.  We ate dinner together and then they played games….earned tickets… prizes.  It was a fun to see the kiddos enjoy themselves and be with their cousins.

{This is the Place}

Today Libby and I took the kids to “This is the Place Monument”.  We both have season passes and really enjoyed ourselves.  We stayed longer than expected, even though it was pretty hot.  We stopped for lunch on the way home together.  It was a lot of fun!

IMAG0195 IMAG0192 IMAG0191 IMAG0190 IMAG0189 IMAG0188 IMAG0187 IMAG0186 IMAG0183 IMAG0181 IMAG0180 IMAG0179 IMAG0178 IMAG0177  IMAG0175


{Saturday is family time}

We spent the morning cleaning and getting the house put back together.  Amazingly enough, the kiddos were pretty helpful in getting this done.  Amelia had slept over last night and so we even had an extra set of hands!  After all the “boring” stuff was done, we headed over to Fat Cats to do a little bowling.  Here is a picture of Trevin helping Emalee get the stand “just” right for Emalee before she rolls the ball down the device and into the lane.

Dad beat the socks off of all of us but we all had fun!  Jaron even asked if he could “cream him” (score-wise) and Andy said, “Nope…you’ve got to do it all by yourself….I’m not going to just let you win.”  Jaron became even more determined to “cream him” and the harder he tried…the worse he did.   Hmmmmm……what can we learn from that?


After bowling, we went and did a round of glow golf.  It was cool….the golf balls and clubs glowed in the dark.  The kids all went ahead of us going immediately from one hole to the next that Andy and I were left to compete on our own.  We’re both pretty good putt-putters…but since I’m writing this blog post, I’ll just say that I won that little competition.  ; )

Later in the evening, we all went on a bike ride to return a RedBox movie to its kiosk.  It was such a nice night to get out and do something.  Really it doesn’t matter what we do, we just enjoy being together.