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Klondike, Tae Kwon Do, Cookies and more

Today was a very busy day.  Mimi and I went exercising at Curves.  While chatting with her she mentioned all that she needed to do today in preparation for a huge service project she’s involved in.  I offered to help her bake some of the cookies for the sack lunches that will be donated.  She brought over a box of sugar cookies and toffee cookies.  After I finished cooking all of them, Trevin and his friend Atti took them down to Mimi’s house for me.  Trevin has lost so many coats he is now using Emalee’s quite regularly.

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Jay Brimhall came by around 4:00 p.m. to pick up Jaron for the Scout Klondike campout.  They went up to Don Hughes ranch….where there was actually snow (unlinke around here….look at the lawn in the picture….no snow).  Jaron is in shorts and looking like he’s planning on going to the beach.  I made sure he had what he needed but whether or not he’ll use it is up to him.

Andy, Trevin, Emalee and Ashlyn headed off to Tae Kwon Do together.  They are getting close to advancing to the next belt.  Afterwards, they went and got ice cream together.  Emalee shared a few bites with me when she got home.  The girls painted each others nails, I read a book and we all settled down for the evening.  Grateful for all the busy moments but my spirit thrives on the quieter ones. 

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{Ready to go}


Jaron got ready after school to leave for the Klondike campout.  After he was packed and ready, with a few treats snuck into his bag, I dropped him off to Dave Bates house.  It’s going to be cold tonight so I made sure to give him some hand warmers to pack.

Afterwards, I left for the Stake Center to help set up for the Relief Society day of service.  Mimi also came and offered to help.  Everything came together so quickly given the massive amount of work required for this event.  The saying is true….”many hands make light work”.

Here are a couple of pics that Dave posted on Facebook:


Looks like they’re having fun!

Jaron at Scout Camp with Andy

Extreme Mountain Biking

2013-06-27 16.40.05

2013-06-27 20.29.59

2013-06-27 20.30.09

2013-06-27 20.30.24

2013-06-27 20.30.45

2013-06-27 20.43.57

{Klondike Derby with Jaron}

I did an overnight winter camp with Jaron this year. The Klondike. We raced sleds and I had to do a lot of convincing to get Jaron to participate because he froze his rear-end off through the night. I had to turn the heater on in the truck for him for an hour or so before he was somewhat back to normal and willing to venture out. It was cold but fun.


Let the Klondike begin.

Let the Klondike begin.

2013-02-09 11.58.15


Walking activiity

Walking activiity



2013-02-09 10.09.44

2013-02-09 10.09.32


2013-02-09 10.08.59

2013-02-09 10.08.48

2013-02-09 10.08.36

2013-02-09 10.08.29

2013-02-09 09.56.19


2013-02-09 09.51.00

Cub Scouts Boat Race


Tonight was cub scouts for Trevin.  He and all the kids had a great time making boats.  Whitt brought all his garbage and the kids made some pretty cool boats with it.


Emalee made a boat and loved racing it.  Her smile says it all.


Ashlyn making her boats.  She made two and Jaron made a third one for her.  She raced all three.


Busy at work making her boats.


Jaron got into the activities and helped congratulate Jay Brimhall for earning his arrow of light and joining the boy scouts with him.


Jaron pulling a typical grumpy face when asked to smile.


Showing the boat he made tonight.

{Jaron’s Pack Meeting}

2013-01-04 22.18.05_sept11

Tonight, I attended Jaron’s Pack Meeting.  He received quite a few merit badges…the result of the week long scout camp he and Andy went on last month.  Keep up the great work Jaron!

Jaron & Andy are on their way……to Scout Camp!


(Emalee came to the door as Jaron was preparing to leave showing she’s ready to go with him….)

Jaron had a camp out last night in one of his scout leaders back yards.  Here is what he has to say about it: “I went over to my scout leaders house, Jason Troth’s, and spent the night over there and told funny stories, had a camp fire, roasted marsh mellows, basketball, night games, and tons of other fun, entertaining ideas. That night, it was really windy, and the front part of my tent was being pulled down by the wind. In the morning, before I woke up, I felt like ducks were yanking on my sleeping bag with there beaks. For breakfast we had Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, milk, and water. When everybody finished there breakfast, everyone left.”

{Not a productive day}

Today was my friends birthday, Julie Warner.  I had a special bracelet made for her that had each of her children’s birth stones.  It turned out really awesome.  Unfortunately she wasn’t home when I went over with her gift, a small cake and her favorite beverage in hand.  I left it on the porch and hoped for the best.

Jaron begged me to take him to Wal-mart so he could spend a $15 gift card that he had received for his birthday.  He bought himself a new pair of pajamas and a package of Oreo’s….which he shared with three other (begging) children.  : )  He was pretty good to share with them….it was nice.

Shortly thereafter, I started feeling really sick.  My mom had planned on coming over after work and hanging out until Jaron’s Pack Meeting.  He was receiving his arrow of light and moving on to the 11 year old scouts and I invited both grandma’s to attend.  As the evening progressed I wanted nothing more than to go to bed….of which I did eventually.  My mom took over and I was SO grateful.  I got Trevin and Emmy to bed a little early and she took Jaron and Ashlyn with her to Pack Meeting.  The rest of this post comes directly from Mimi’s blog….as I wasn’t there.

She wrote, “Since Jaron turned 11 years old, he is not longer a cub scout.  Tonight he “graduated” into the boy scout program.  Our Ward has a little ceremony that they do to commemorate his advancement and receiving his Arrow of Light Award as well.   Unfortunately, Andy is out of town on business and Melanie was home sick in bed.  Jeanne and I became the family supporters.  She opted for me to go with Jaron on stage (thanks, a lot) while she videoed the program for his parents to see.  I turned my camera over to Ashlyn.  She didn’t know how to use the flash and I didn’t think to teach her.  So most of my photos were too dark to use.”

Cubmaster Whitt Lovell

Jaron walking in front of his fellow scouts.

Jaron pledging to be a loyal scout.

Walking the bridge from cub to boy scout.

Robert Zito, his new leader was waiting for him on the other side of the bridge to welcome him into his troop.

Jaron’s friend, Jay watching the fake fire.

Jaron with his arrow.

Here is a video clip my mom took with her camera of the ceremony.  Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that it was recorded the wrong direction, but I’m still glad she took it!

{Jaron’s Pack Meeting}

This handsome fella received his Webelos advancement tonight.  Andy is out of town this week due to his work, so I invited my mom to come along (not that I don’t try to invite the grandma’s on other occasions).  However, to say he was excited would be an understatement.  In fact his exact words (as we were getting in the car to go) were…..”I’ve been waiting my WHOLE life for this….since like January.”

Pictured here is Garrick Kammerath and Jaron getting their award from Sally Barrett, their scout leader.

I love it when Trevin holds on to me like this….in this case, he’s holding Grandma close.

Jaron is pinning the Webelos pin on my shirt.  He was nervous he’d poke me.

The whole Pack Meeting was on teamwork and cooperation.  One of their favorite activities of the evening was this:

Here you can see Jaron, Ashlyn and Trevin.

Here is Emalee:

After Pack Meeting finished up, my mom went home with the kids while I took each of my Visiting Teaching sisters a small Conference basket.  I filled it with things they could use to focus on conference this weekend along with some goodies and fun stuff.  I actually had a great time visiting with each of them tonight.  I was grateful for my mom’s help tonight so I could go…..

Weblos Scout Camp with Jaron

I took Jaron up milcreek canyon to the Weblos Wilderness camp this past Monday and Tuesday. We have a great time.

{Dentist and Pack Meeting}

You guessed it….I pretty much spent a good part of my day at the dentist today.  This morning, Emalee got some cavities filled.  You can even see in the picture how numb her lips must feel as they are huge.  Jaron not only had a few cavities to fill but he had to have a tooth extraction.  In it’s place he’ll need a permanent spacer.  He’ll go back in two weeks for that….

Tonight the whole family attended Jaron’s pack meeting.  He received his Art and Engineering activity badges.  He loves scouts and it’s fun to see him learn new things.

Whit Lovell (Scout Master) with Jaron, Jay Brimhall, Aiden Archibald and Stanford Zito

Our Scout Leaders – Sally Barrett, Cindy Barnhisel and Lynette Padilla

{The massive moose}

Jake Tiffany and Jaron in front of Whit’s moose

Jaron’s scout leader e-mailed me today saying, “Did Jaron tell you that we went to see Whit’s moose head a few weeks ago during den meeting?  I thought you’d like to see it.”  It’s crazy how big this is!

(This moose belongs to Jaron’s Cub Master – Whit Lovell)

{Shopping and Pack Meeting}

Emalee and I went grocery shopping this morning before she had to go to school.  She really wanted to take her shopping cart with us (she got it for Christmas).  A couple of people did a double take but they smiled when they saw her.  We both had full carts at the checkout.  : )

Tonight Jaron had Pack Meeting and earned his Bear badge advancing to a Webelos.

Getting organized and ready to start

Sally Barrett teaching us some sign language                                                  Jake Tiffany and Gabe Erekson

Cindy Barnhisel with her troop and passing out their awards.

Gabe Erekson receiving his awards.                                                                            Jake Tiffany receiving his awards.

Me receiving my Scouting pin from Jaron

Dave Archibald, Aidan Archibald, Jadon Barnhisel and Riley Bench (in wheelchair)

Mia Bench, Ashlyn, Addie Tiffany, Emalee, Trey Bailey, Jamie Bailey

Jake Tiffany (blindfolded), James and Evie Wyatt, Trevin                         Melissa and Ervin Wyatt

Jaron with his Webelos leader, Sally Barrett

Here is a little video clip of Jaron showing off his hula-hoop skills:

{Scout Activity}

Each year, the Scout Master, Whit Lovell, takes the scouts on a hike around Mirror Lake and then we go to his cabin (which is pretty close to the lake) and roast hot dogs and s’mores.  It’s always a family event and so fun.  We got permission to invite Alton along.  It was a lot of fun!