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A long day

Last night was a long night…. Our smoke detector kept chirping because of a low battery; however it was hard to tell which one it was and it is practically deafening! All this going on in the middle of the night!! Ugh.. Not cool! 
I stopped by Planet Fitness after dropping the kids off to school and got a quick workout in. 
At 10:30 I drove up to Centerville to meet with a good friend of mine, Allison Kimball. We had another lunch date but this time at her house. We had such a good time chatting, catching up and hanging on together. It is an understatement to say she is talented. (That will be a whole other blog post.) In a nutshell, I adore her!


Andy left this afternoon for Wisconsin (business trip). He’ll be home late tomorrow night, so it’s a quick trip. Hate it when he’s gone! He texted me a picture of the view from his hotel room… (Rough huh?)

I took Emalee to Brain Balance and soccer tonight. I barely survived as my head was throbbing from a growing headache. Going to bed right now in hopes of sleeping it off! 

(Emmy is in the blue penny)

This girl with a splitting headache is signing off…over and out! 

A friend from the past

I ran into an old co-worker of mine this morning. We use to work together at IHC in the patient advocate department. It was one of the best jobs I had, along side fabulous women. So when I saw her face this morning, I thought, “I know her….how do I know her?” It took a good fifteen minutes, but I got it. (Hey, my kiddos took the best I had when they were born…scary what I have to live off of!) 


We chatted and caught up with each other. I asked if I could take a picture of us together before I left and she said, “Inevitably when I don’t wear makeup, a camera gets pulled out.” Another lady who was listening to our conversation said”I know…I never go anywhere without makeup anymore for that reason.”  

Trevin had a soccer game this afternoon, first one of the season. They won 8 to 0. Off to a good start.

While grocery shopping, Liberty called and invited Trevin and Emalee to sleep over, giving Andy and I some time alone. At this point it was 8 p.m. We dropped them off and they were elated to go.  

Andy and I decided to wrap up a few things at the house and watch a movie together. I told Andy to check the freezer down stairs but I was sure we had ice cream. He dished us up both a bowl and we watched our movie. Not long after finishing the ice cream, my body started cramping a lot. My stomach was loud and it honestly felt like someone was stabbing me. I don’t know if it was due to the sugar or the fact I haven’t had dairy for the last six months, but the ice cream and me did not agree. 

I have taken some medicine but for now, ice cream is not on my wish list any time soon. Ugg!!!!

Productive for once….

Some days are more productive than others and today was very productive. It felt good to get back into a routine, now that the kids are in school. I really enjoyed summer with the kids but I’m ready for routine…which is the very thing summer lacks. 


Jaron sent me this picture today. I love his smile and the picture in general. Sure miss him but he and Ashlyn will be back home in a week. 
Most of me afternoon was spent on the telephone with my insurance company. For months now we’ve been trying to get Andy scheduled for an ultrasound of his liver.  Our doctor is concerned about some things and wants additional tests. However, each time we schedule something, the facility calls us back saying they are out of network and to call our insurance company. So I call them back and each time they tell me, “you can go there, it’s a participating facility.”  Back and forth, back and forth.  So it was no surprise really to get the call again this morning. Andy’s appointment is scheduled first thing tomorrow morning. So I made phone call after phone call to keep the appointment and document everything I could. We are set and planning on keeping the appointment. It’s only taken nine months to make it happen, yes nine. Good thing it wasn’t life threatening!
I made stuffed peppers with my uncle’s produce for dinner (that he shared with us from his garden). I also made zucchini bread, several loaves actually. I’ll shred the remaining zucchini and freeze it for future baking. I am doing the corn and beans tomorrow. Plus, I’m making peach fruit leather for Trevin tomorrow from my own trees. We are very blessed with more than enough food!


Time flies!


April, Andy and I had a luncheon this afternoon at Booksellers. We announced our partnership with Ringmaster. They put together a short video about SugarDoodle and how it started. They did a good job. I volunteered Andy to speak instead of me (not a surprise for those who know me).   


Today was Niklas’ last day with us. He flies home to Germany tomorrow afternoon . So, we took him to his favorite restaurant for dinner, Cafe Rio. He loves their pork barbacoa burrito, but who doesn’t?  Our time with him has just flown! However, I know his family will be excited to see him again.  

Dentist to YMCA

20150210_101120   20150210_101838

– The day started in the dentist chair for me….my routine cleaning.  One cavity and three others that need changing out.  My dentist told me that three of my teeth have metal fillings and ninety percent of the time it causes the teeth to eventually fracture.  So I need to have them replaced with porcelin.  Oh joy!

– Emalee came upstairs ready to go to school looking like this (see photo below).  I asked her about it and she said she was going to go to school as Naomi.  She even sang me a little song about it.  However, when it came down to it, “Naomi” never made it to school….

– Ashlyn had a very long day at school and enjoyed a nap even among the chaos of our family life.

– I mailed a small Valentine package to my brother Jeff.  I asked Libby to have her kids do Valentine’s too.  I put in a box of Sweet Tooth Fairy cake bites…which he likes.

20150210_143603   20150210_174236

– I put a meatloaf and potatoes in the over and headed over to the YMCA for their weekly Zumba class.  Andy then took the kids to mutual/scouts and activity days.

20150210_082012     20150210_181348


Day in a nutshell…

2015-02-09_16-52-24     20150208_202048

Here was our day in a nutshell…..

. I got up and studied Alma  Chapters 18 & 22 to see how Aaron and Ammon were missionaries.  Loved it.

. I attended the Millrace Ward while my counselors went to Taylorsgrove’s Ward conference.

. Andy had to head to the church an hour early to practice with the choir….they performed during sacrament meeting (their medley turned out soooo beautiful!)

. At 4:15 p.m. I walked to the Stake Center to train the Paradise Ward Primary Presidency.  They received a couple of new counselors and so my presidency and I met with them for about an hour.

. While getting ready to leave the Stake Center, I felt a drip coming from the ceiling.  I looked up and sure enough there was a leak…slowly dripping through the ceiling.  I called Brother Jasper to let him know about it before getting on my way.

. Afterwards I walked to my Visiting Teaching sisters house for an appointment (Julie & Whitnee Warner)

. Jaron and Ashlyn had a Bishop’s Youth Fireside tonight at Teri Hanks.  When I asked Jaron what his favorite part was, the reply was “ice cream”.  Should have expected that one.

. Upon returning home, Jaron had his “snuggle” time with Kai.  The two of them sit and snuggle together, sometimes for several minutes.  Kai loves the attention and Jaron is happy to give it to him.  They are the best of buds.

. I finished up the evening by reading in bed.  It’s my favorite thing to do.  I completed the book tonight, “Lemon-Sized Tumour” by Jenny Overton.  It was heart renching but so honest.  It makes me so grateful for my own health and wellness.  Truly, the things that matter most are not things.


We are the “DayShines”

Well, it’s official.  We (as a family) are running a 5K together.  We’re doing “The Color Run” in Omaha, Nebraska on July 18th this year.  It will be part of our little family vacation.  We’re all signed up.  Our team is called, “DayShine”.  Part of the fun is they throw colored chalk on you during your run but this year they are adding glitter…hence that name ‘DayShine’.

20150205_094743   20150205_094808

Today, Ashlyn had soccer at the indoor facility.  I dropped her off and came home to exercise (pictures on left are on my treadmill…before my workout).  Afterwards I made dinner…tacos.   We had originally planned on attending the temple together tonight but one thing happened after another and we didn’t go….BOO!


Andy took Jaron to his first indoor soccer game at the Taylorsville Rec Center.  Jaron’s team ended up winning 13-1.  Jaron even scored one of the points.  He did a great job!

My next addiction….reading.

When the new year started, I made a few resolutions.  One of my goals was to read more and watch less TV.  It has been surprising how easy this goal has been to achieve.  I actually look forward to my “wind-down” time.  After I brush my teeth, write in my journal and get into bed, I pull out my Kindle and start reading.  So far this year I have read five books:

1 – The Power Within by Trent Heppler
2 – Crushed by Kathryn Mann
3 – Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
4 – Weight Loss Interviews: The Real Life Stories
5 – Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans

Reading is not a new passion really….it’s just that I get so “into” reading, that I stay up L.A.T.E. reading my books.  I stayed up so late last night that I finished my next novel after two nights of reading….hundreds of pages down and hours less sleep.  I have to figure out the balance.  That has yet to be achieved.  Needless to say I woke up a tad tired, which isn’t good.  However, I made the best of it.


Trevin practicing his piano lesson.

I signed up for a Yoga class today.  It would have been the first class and when I got there our instructor called in sick.  Boo….so sad.  Instead I went on a couple mile walk/run.  It felt good but my legs were jello.

Afterwards, Emalee and I ran some errands.  I bought myself quite a treat tonight….an mp3 player.  They’ve been around for years but I’ve never really had them.  Now I can listen to music, General Conference or books on tape while exercising.  So excited!

At the same time, Andy took Ashlyn to Murray High School.  Her soccer coach e-mailed us letting us know that the soccer coach of Murray High needed a few more players to do drills with.  He invited any of the girls on Ashlyn’s team that will eventually be attending Murray High to come and do conditioning drills with them each week.  She a bit apprehensive, not knowing how hard it would be…..but she went.  She is pictured in all black in the photos.  When she came home, she said she actually enjoyed herself and is excited to go back next week.  What a great opportunity for Ash.

20150204_195847 20150204_195912
20150204_200031 20150204_200101

On a work note, myself and April have been putting in countless hours working on a project for Rootstech.  It is a huge family history conference which will take place next week.  We have been working on a family history packet that will help encourage youth, adults, children, families, wards to become involved in such a rewarding work.  I can’t wait to show you.  Tomorrow….hopefully.  Stay tuned.


P.S. – I received a letter in the mail today from our Stake Presidency.  They wrote, “We want to express our sincere appreciation to you for the wonderful message that you shared with us at Stake Conference.  You added greatly to the spirit of the meetings.  There have been  many people who have said that they greatly appreciated your comments.  We are especially grateful for what you taught about how to teach the gospel in the home.  You are certainly an expert in that area.  We pray that our Heavenly Father will continue to bless you and your family as you continue to serve in His kingdom.”  It was signed by the Stake Presidency: Preston Wakefield, Dave Tidwell, Bruce Gale, Mark Ethington and Sid Sietz.


A lunch worth trying….a day filled with here and there.



The most delicious lunch….mmmmm!

I made the most awesome lunch today.  It consisted of sweet potato, avocado, tomato, turkey bacon and a fried egg on top.  It was delish!!  Most of my day was spent preparing for my Primary Presidency Meeting at the Stake Center.  We are starting to plan our upcoming Stake Activity Day Camp and it is going to be awesome.

Before the meeting started, Ashlyn and Trevin went to piano lessons.  I made ham and bean soup for dinner.  Then I took Ashlyn to basketball practice (with the Young Women).  Then I dropped Trevin off to Scouts, Jaron to Young Men’s and Ashlyn to Young Women’s.  I then walked to the Stake Center for my meeting.  It was a busy but great day.

{Meet Kai}

We gained a new family pet last night….his name is Kai.  My mom’s coworker had to get a new home for him because his son is allergic to him to the point that its causing him to get sick frequently and have asthma issues.  So, he now has a new home.  He’s completely house trained, very obedient, knows lots of fun tricks (“bang”…play dead, roll over, dance, sit, stay, etc).  Getting him to use the dog door has been tricky.  He wasn’t sure about it but he’ll get the concept in time.



He has already claimed one side of the couch as his own….



He especially loves to ride in the car…


(The window is up most of the way but the light in the picture prevents you from seeing the glass. I was afraid he’d jump right out!)


We’ve fallen in love with him, what can we say?

{Once there was a snowman}


Mimi and I were on our way home from grocery shopping when we noticed the truck next to us was hauling a snowman. Made me smile.

{Slow and go?….no! Slow and stop.}


Today was the first snow storm of the season.  We had a couple small snow storms in October, but it melted by lunch time the next day.  It started snowing while we were asleep and has continued most of the day….making commuting a nightmare!   Andy and I are in the car right now waiting to drive.  What normally takes 20 minutes to get to the temple will easily be 60 minutes…or more….not sure.  Guess it wouldn’t hurt to learn a little patience.


{The Day Kids – 2007}

10-29-2013 8-47-27 AM

My mom got a new scanner and tested it out by scanning her mouse pad I got her several years ago of the kiddos.  It is crazy to see how much they’ve grown.  I love this photo……

{Autumn squash soup}


I had a meeting downtown this morning with Deseret Book.  When I finished, Andy picked me up and we went out to lunch at Paradise Bakery.  I got their Autumn squash soup garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds and a cornbread muffin.  It was awesome.   Andy doesn’t care too much for squash, but he did try it.  I’m going to try making my own version of this yummy soup!  Good food, great company. …what more could I ask for? 

{Temple beauty}


I went to the temple this morning.  I love coming and spending that time in the Lord’s house.  I attended the 5 a.m. session.  When I walked out of the temple and felt the cool morning breeze upon my face,  I was taken with the view of the mountains, clouds and water fountain.   Not only is the temple a place of beauty but so is the view.