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{Easter with Day Family}

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{Introducing Bishop Ryan Davis}


Our family and Mimi slept at Paul’s condo before heading over to the Davis’ church.  The sacrament service was  beautiful…. I found myself tearing up quite a few times.  We stayed after sacrament meeting to see him get set apart.


Afterwards,  we all took a few snapshots and headed back to the Davis home for a lovely meal.  By 4:30 or so, we were all on the road and heading home.  Mimi and all my kids but Emmy went in her car as Emmy joined us for the drive home.  Ashlyn and Trev ended up falling asleep leaving Jaron the one in charge of keeping Mimi alert and awake to drive.  He did a good job.  Quite an eventful day.

{New Year’s Party}

20121231_191353   20121231_191357

20121231_192703 20121231_192709

My mom, Julie Warner (friend), Heidi Seidel (friend)

Bailee & Wade Warner

Tucker Warner

We had lots of games going on….


Mimi and Opi


Me and the Mister

Ryan and Martina stopped by on their way home for a few minutes (especially after he heard we had seven layer dip – his favorite!)

Alyssa and Grace

MaKenna giving Mimi a massage

Andy putting together a puzzle.

Saturday – Take 2

While Emmy, Ashlyn and I scurried off to Cameo….Andy and the boys helped Mimi and Opi put on a Christmas breakfast at their ward.  When the girls were done at Cameo, we all headed back to help them clean up.  It was quite a production because Mimi goes above and beyond to make things special.

MaKenna and some kids from the ward singing karaoke.

She got some scratch and draw ornaments for the kiddos.  You can see Ashlyn’s arm in this picture.

Ashlyn (enjoying a sucker) being hugged by Callum, Grace and Alyssa making a hat.

Jaron and Trevin.

{Halloween 2012}

Holidays.  I always look forward to them; however, this month has just passed me by.  I woke up this morning completely unaware that today was Halloween.  I knew it was coming but my goodness…where does time go?  I spent the morning planting tons of daffodil bulbs along the park way fence and in my yard.  In the afternoon, I volunteered to help in Trevin’s classroom for his class Halloween party.  I wish I would have taken a photo or two.  Me and Jessi Brown (Trevin’s best friends mom) helped run the show.

After school was spent getting stuff ready for dinner.  We always have dinner in a pumpkin and this year was no different….

I also made homemade Root Beer….

This year for Halloween, Emalee was a cheerleader:

Trevin was a firefighter….

Ashlyn was a cowgirl….

Jaron was a big, scary thing…..see for yourself….

Andy was the “cool” trick-or-treat dad….

Even Charlie dressed up for the festivities…..he was a raccoon….

Andy took the kiddos around the neighborhood while I passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  We had SO many this year due to good weather.  I went through several bags of candy and ran out by 8:30 p.m.  Still, with the porch light off, the teenagers still came to our house until 10 something.  It was crazy.

Here’s a picture Mimi took when my family got to her house:

Here’s a picture of the Davis Family:

Here’s a picture of the Day clan:

{Thanksgiving 2011}

Thanksgiving was wonderful yet again.  It has come and gone so quickly.  This year Thanksgiving was held at our home and we had, oh, 32 or so in attendance.  Jaron and Ashlyn helped me make mini apple pies this morning…I appreciated their help.  Andy and the wee ones helped clean while we prepared the pies and my other food dishes.  Jaron really enjoys cooking in general but he really enjoys recipes that have lots of steps and seeing each step through.

I was grateful to have Jeff here this year, we always enjoy his company.  As well as Heidi,  Jessica and her baby Carissa (my mom’s friends)…and Oma as well.  Both sides of our family were together, which was a treat….that doesn’t happen very often.  I made turkey name places for the kids and Mayflower name places for the adults filled with M&M’s.  All the kiddos were stealing the M&M’s from the adults when they thought no one was looking….especially Emmy!  : )

Some family members left shortly after dinner and family pictures; however, some of us lingered and played Yahtzee together.  Me and Libby lost in fashion! : )  It was a wonderful day spent with family and reflecting on our MANY blessings!

{Countdown to Super Saturday….birthday dinner and carving pumpkins}

Part of my calling at church is to be over Super Saturday….a day of crafts, inspiration, friendship and service.  It takes a lot of time and planning.  Today was the last day to sign up for the crafts, so church was a bit crazy.  People were handing me checks right and left.  I need a better way of doing it, but I have yet to think of a way.

After church, we all got together at Val and Christine’s house to celebrate mine and Trent’s birthday.  Good company, good food, what could be better?

The birthday boy and girl…..

I couldn’t get Parker to hold still for one second….but from this picture you can see the sticker on his forehead which he got for going pee in the potty for the first time.  He wore his sticker proudly all day long.

Martina made root beer cupcakes for dessert

When we got home, we decided to carve pumpkins as a family.  It was fun, but let me just say….we are not talented in this area by any means.  We were good to cut a normal pumpkin face…..if we could even do that!!

Dad and Trevin’s pumpkin

Mom and Emalee’s pumpkin

Jaron’s pumpkin

Ashlyn carved a pumpkin….sort of.  She watched everyone else more than carving her own.  When all was said and done, she poked the knife into her pumpkin a few times but never carved anything.

P.S.  While we were at Val and Christine’s house tonight, MaKenna gave me this for my birthday:

{Easter Egg Hunt at Mimi’s / Baby Animals}

This morning we had breakfast at Mimi’s house with the whole family.  Martina and Ryan had come from Logan and all the cousins got a chance to see each other.  After breakfast, we headed over to the Box Elder house for the Easter Egg Hunt.  The Box Elder house was where Mimi was raised and was our first house just after being married.  It is currently vacant and inbetween renters, so Mimi decided it would be fun to show the grandkids where she grew up.

Martina helping hide the goodies….

First, Mimi had all the kiddos stand on the porch for a quick picture and to review the rules.

Next she gave each child their own bag for the hunt with their name on it.  Inside each bag was a book she selected for that grandchild.

While this was going on, the boys were all working on Andy’s truck.  Andy’s truck window would not roll up and they were all getting it figured out (which they did thankfully!)

The hunters are on their way to the backyard…..following their faithful leader, Mimi.

The older kids wanted to watch the younger kids during their hunt instead of having both at the same time.  (Half of the backyard was designated for the younger kiddos only and the other half was designated for the older kiddos).

The older kids got a kick watching the younger ones; however, they were pretty anxious to get started themselves.

Trevin checking out his treasures….

Once we returned home, the kids put all their “goods” together and opened a store….except for Jaron who decided to have his own store.  He didn’t want to join together with his siblings and risk losing ANY of his candy!  :  )

After the fun ended, we headed up to “This is the place” monument.  We have a season pass there and they were showcasing their baby animals this weekend.  So my mom, Libby and her kids and our family enjoyed some time up there together.  (John was on an overnighter with the scouts).

We decided to take a train ride together….unfortunately, this first picture didn’t turn out:

Ashlyn and Amelia holding baby rabbits:

Emalee and myself holding a baby chick:

Here’s a picture of Spencer enjoying the pony ride:

More animals….

The kids enjoyed playing some pioneer games, pretending hanging up wash on a clothesline, walking on stilts and making some pioneer crafts.  Trevin and Alton did a great job on this game (I didn’t get a picture of Trevin in action, but they all had fun trying):

All in all, it was a very nice day!!  Then again, any time spent with family is a very nice day.

{Ashlyn’s Baptism – Family Get Together – Halloween}

Today was a very special day for our family.  Ashlyn was baptized and confirmed this morning.

After we finished lunch, Alyssa wanted to perform three dances/songs she has been practicing.  She was accepted as a performer in the Nutcracker.  They will be performing the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I filmed one of the three songs she performed:

{Trevin, Andy, Callum & Xina’s birthday party}

We had another great family get-together today but this time we celebrated FOUR birthdays.  Trevin’s was April 26th, Andy & Callum’s birthday is tomorrow (May 3rd) and Xina’s birthday (our foreign exchange student) is on May 6th.  So we held one big party.

Once everyone arrived, we started dinner….the kids were so excited to get eating.  I had to keep asking MaKenna to look at the camera for a quick picture.  The first picture had MaKenna looking at the camera but her eyes were placed firmly on the food….silly girl!

After dinner, everyone started opening their presents.  John and Lib’s family gave Trevin a really cool frisbee that changes into a ball mid-flight.  I’ve never seen anything like it….he and Jaron will have tons of fun with that.

My mom and I made Callum a cute car caddy.  It has a road on the top part and six compartments for cars to be stored once they are finished.  He LOVES to play from cars SO much that I thought it might be a great gift idea.  You can see what it looks like best from the pictures on the right:

Here is a picture of Spencer watching everyone open their presents.

Here is a cute video of Callum opening his birthday present from Mimi.  He pulls some great expressions:

For dessert, I made an ice cream cake found here.

The evening was topped off with the traditional Happy Birthday song except all four of them had to share the candles.

Happy Birthday everyone!!!

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet.


I always love a different perspective.  Here is Mimi’s post from her blog on the evening.  She writes,  “A few of us (29) gathered together to celebrate 4 birthdays. Andy, Callum, Trevin and Sheena were fussed over and sung to in Day Family fashion. We ate a delicious dinner first. Then had a present opening party, followed by the pinata burst and ending with ice cream sandwich cake.

The best part of any family gathering for me is watching everyone interact. The party was held at Andy and Mel’s place so there was room to spread out and enjoy the change in weather. The skies turned blue with a hint of sunshine. The kids had a blast playing on the trampoline and the massive swing set/jungle gym. The downside was that the ground was a bit muddy from the past week of moisture. Keltie discovered this in a quick hurry. Callum looked so old in his sport coat ensemble with saddle shoes. It isn’t until he starts walking and talking that you remember just how young he really is. I thoroughly enjoyed having Jaron and Ashlyn over to my house before the party. They were a big help by wrapping gifts and even cleaned up the toy room that I didn’t get to from the night before. I love getting to talk with Alyssa about her school projects and the books she reads. Kenna is still “houdini” making appearances for food etc and then disappearing again. Marissa loves her cousin, Gracie. She follows her around like a puppy dog. It is so cute. Trevin was so excited for this day to come. He loved opening his gifts and gave everyone big hugs and thank you’s. Emalee is such a unique character. She is helping me one minute and sneaking candy the next. She loved playing with cousins.

When my schedule is unbearable and I think about cancelling our Sunday dinners, I just remember the contentment I see on the faces of my children and grandchildren. It makes any time sacrifice worth it in the end.”

{Easter Festivities 2009}

For Easter this year, we traveled to Logan to have a family party at Ryan and Martina’s new home. Andy and I had to work in the morning and headed up once we were finished. We even brought Minji along (our foreign exchange student).  We BBQ’d some meat…here is Ryan getting things started:


And here is the view from his deck:



After a yummy dinner, we divided the kids up into three groups for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The first group consisted of the older kids (8 years old & up). Here is a picture of Jaron, Alyssa and MaKenna:


There were five in that group including Alyssa, MaKenna and Jaron along with Minji and Rose (Ryan’s sister). The hunt was in their backyard area……”and they’re OFF!”





Emalee watching from above



Alyssa reaching up to get the goodies

The next group included three years old to six years old. This included Ashlyn, Grace, Trevin, Emalee and Marissa. It was held in the large family room downstairs.  Here they are on the stairs waiting (anxiously mind you) for things to begin….




Well, things get going and Callum is left by himself to go down the stairs.  The kiddo didn’t want to miss out on anything…

Here I come!!


Here are some pictures of the kiddos during the Easter Egg Hunt:





And finally, the two babies; Keltie and Callum. Their hunt was in a small room off to the side of the family room.


Mimi brought other activities for the kiddos….like frosting bunny shaped sugar cookies, making paper baskets to hold the cookies, and decorating Easter pails for the hunt.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the evening.  It’s of Gracie and Ashlyn….


The evening was topped off with homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert along with cookies.  It was a wonderful evening for all.

{MaKenna’s baptism}


We attended MaKenna’s baptism this morning….it was very lovely.  She looked very happy.  Attending baptisms, like MaKenna’s, remind me of my own…(ahem)….a “few” years ago.  The spirit was very strong.  I’m very proud of her for making the choice to be baptized.  We love you MaKenna!

{Bear Lake ~ Day 2}


Fun in the sun!  We headed to the lake this afternoon.  We all had a blast and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect!   Here are some pictures of our fun:

july-25-08_01.JPG  july-25-08_02.JPG

Once we arrived we used the 4-wheelers to get to the beach area.  We were on private property of Ryan and Martina’s friend, so it wasn’t crowded and it was very nice! 

july-25-08_05.JPG  july-25-08_06.JPG

Mimi and Opi started walking; however, Ryan picked us all up and drove us the rest of the way!

july-25-08_09.JPG  july-25-08_11.JPG  july-25-08_12.JPG  july-25-08_13.JPG

july-25-08_14.JPG  july-25-08_15.JPG
Mimi and MaKenna                                             MaKenna and Alyssa

july-25-08_23.JPG  july-25-08_24.JPG
Ashlyn on a shark and Gracie

july-25-08_26.JPG  july-25-08_27.JPG
Novice and expert, Uncle Ryan, is showing off as he drives the beach on two wheels….whereas, Jaron is learning how to operate four wheels!


Jaron had a blast riding the four wheeler…here is a short video clip:

Jaron at Bear Lake

Here is another video clip of Emalee:


july-25-08_31.JPG  july-25-08_32.JPG

After sunscreen and insect repellent, out came the bandana….in hopes it would protect Em’s fair little scalp from burning. 

We also have been doing respite care this week for Tyson.  We even took him in the water and he had a blast.  Here are a few pictures of Tyson:


{Fun filled 4th}

Today was a day to celebrate our freedom and also just have fun together as a family.  We kicked back and relaxed in the morning instead of heading off to a parade, or somewhere else.

We did a little cleaning and ran some errands.  I needed to get Alyssa (my niece) a birthday present as we were celebrating her (belated) birthday.  She was out of town with her sisters visiting her grandparents.  Anyway, she just got her ears pierced, so I knew I wanted to get her some earrings.  Wow, those thingees are expensive.  I haven’t bought any in years (even for myself).  YIKES!!  Anyway, I chose some really cute ones.  I know she’ll like them.

We all gathered at Mimi and Opi’s house at 12:30 for a BBQ and a little carnival.  It was a lot of fun.

July 04 08_01  July 04 08_02
Trent helped BBQ the hot dogs, hamburgers and steak while others like Grace and Ashlyn just looked cute and waiting patiently for the food to finish cooking.

July 04 08_03   July 04 08_04
Isn’t Keltie just a doll???

July 04 08_07
Emalee, Trevin and Marissa                            

July 04 08_08
Andy helping burp (a tired) Callum

July 04 08_05

July 04 08_06
After everyone finished eating, we all gathered in the back yard to watch Alyssa open her birthday presents.  She loved all the jewelry….earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

July 04 08_11

Kristin brought a fun ball that you hook up to the hose and it sprays water everywhere.  They quite enjoyed it and it probably felt real nice!

July 04 08_12

Emmy wasn’t her normal self today.  She woke up with a yucky sounding voice and barky cough.  She wasn’t too pleased with me when I wouldn’t let her get wet like the other kids.

July 04 08_09a

July 04 08_10
The next item on the agenda was playing waterballoon volleyball.  The kiddos had a blast!!!…and they were pretty good for their age!

July 04 08_13
Water Balloon Fun!!

The stockpile kept being replenished!

July 04 08_18

July 04 08_14
These are the picture takers and beautiful bystanders!                                           

July 04 08_15

July 04 08_16

July 04 08_17

July 04 08_20  July 04 08_21

July 04 08_22

Emmy being her cute little self….  She turned so grouchy, that my mom decided to take her home to nap.  Emmy begged to go to “G’amma’s house”.  So, she left after lunch and took her home.  She started coughing so bad she couldn’t rest.  My mom went in to lie down with her and Emmy would get these coughing spells and then look at my mom and say, “Oh man.”  Finally, my mom just took her to InstaCare where they diagnosed her with croup, which is not very common during the summer time.  Even worse, it’s viral so it just has to run its coarse.  Sorry, Em!!!

After the water balloon volleyball, the kids took a stab at this very unusual game.  You have a pole tied to tie people around the waist.  Together, you have to shake your hips (synchronized) in order to get the ball over the pole…again, again and again.  Plus it’s fun to see them work together!  They have to get the tennis ball wrapped completely around the pole and then un-do it completely.  It’s harder than it looks.

July 04 08_23
Ashlyn and Jaron

July 04 08_24
Opi and Trent

July 04 08_25

July 04 08_26

July 04 08_28

Do you wonder why there aren’t very many pictures of dear sweet hubby??  Hmmm….  Where could he be??  Oh, look.  He’s on the couch protecting the newspaper!!!  That’s right.  He stole a few z’s where he could find them. 

July 04 08_30

The next picture is of hubby and I….one of the kids wanted to take a picture, so we got down on their level….in case you’re wondering why we’re practically sitting on the floor.

July 04 08_31

Isn’t this a cute expression on Callum’s face??  He’s grown so much since I saw him last.

The rest of the evening was spent at our annual neighborhood BBQ.  We got to know some of our neighbors better and it was nice to visit.  Roger, my next door neighbor, always makes pulled pork sandwiches for everyone and they are AWESOME!!!  Here is a picture of Trevin enjoying a chocolate chip cookie that someone brought:

July 04 08_33

This kid is my pickiest eater.  He would only eat dessert if I let him.  In case his posterity ever wonders if his mom (me) ever forced him to eat his vegetables, bribed him to eat his fruit or made him cry having to eat anything remotely healthy… I AM GUILTY!!!  However, in the eternity’s when Trevin creates his worlds without number…I know he’ll be re-structuring the food pyramid to his liking!…which will DEFINITELY include chocolate chip cookies!

By early evening, my kiddos had it.  They were exhausted.  Ashlyn begged (yes, you read right) to go to sleep, Emmy crashed and burned and Trevin fell asleep in the chair minutes after getting him into his jammies…practically standing up. 

July 04 08_34

July 04 08_35

So, Andy and Jaron finished off the evening going to see some fireworks.  It was such a nice day, all the way around.  The weather was a bit windy at times, but very nice otherwise.  I couldn’t finish off this entry without thanking my brother John…who is actively serving our country in Afghanistan.  He is a true hero.  I love and support him.  Love to you all.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”

{Happy Birthday Dad!}


Jaron drew this picture for his dad.  Well, Andy now celebrates his birthday with a new little one.  Martina had Callum today.  I’ll copy Mimi’s blog entry as it has some great pictures and gives the details:

At 2:23am this morning, Callum Davis made his appearance. He weighed 8lbs 14 oz and 21inches. He has light brown hair and medium dark eyes. He has large hands, broad shoulders and a cute wrinkle at the top of his nose. He literally came out ready for a snack. He was sucking his fists almost immediately. Ryan will forever be reminding him that he “interrupted” his Daddy’s courtside seats at the Jazz game playoffs. Ryan and a friend had second row seats to the final Houston/Jazz playoff game. At halftime, Martina called to tell Ry her water broke. I drove her to the hospital while Val stayed with the girls. She went from a 1.5 to 4 in 30 minutes. By the time Ryan had made it to the hospital she was at a seven. It was 10:30pm.  I really thought the baby would be born before midnight. But, he was posterior and not turning.  The next couple of hours were grueling for Martina and I’m sure little Callum too.  We are thrilled that Mom and baby are doing fine.”

Happy Birthday Andy and Callum!  We love you both.