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Relief Society Day of Service and Spencer’s Birthday


Mimi making arrangements to get all the sack lunches we made for St. Vincent’s delivered.


This is a picture of my part of the assembly line. We made hundreds of sack lunches for St. Vincent’s. I helped put in the chips and cookies.


(L to R) Bailey Warner, Kylie Murdock, Ashlyn and Cassie Bates ready to help watch the children in the nursery while the women complete the service projects.

IMG_0157This morning, while Andy took Trevin to his soccer game (along with Emalee), Ashlyn and I headed over to the Stake Center for the annual Relief Society day of service.  I was in charge of running the homeless lunches (450 of them) last year so it was great to just “go” and “do” instead of plan and worry.  Mimi on the other hand was one of those that was in charge this year so I’ve tried to help support her as she helped me so much last year.

I started out helping with the homeless lunches again.  When we finished assembling the lunches, I helped on other projects.  Mimi, Ashlyn and I met up at lunch time at the potato bar.  One of the sisters at the next table had brought her newborn baby and let us hold, cuddle and fall in love with her little piece of heaven.  We all took turns holding him….not willingly, but took turns nonetheless.

By the time Ashlyn and I got home, Jaron had returned home from the Klondike overnighter with the Scouts.  He said he had a good time but it was pretty cold.  We finished off the evening by going to Spencer’s 7th birthday party.  I can’t believe my sweet newphew is seven years old.  I love that Spencer LOVES birthdays (his or anyone else’s).  His favorite part is turning off the lights so he can blow out his candles.  Libby made a wonderful Mexican dinner and we all enjoyed each others company.  However, my mom had to stay home because she was feeling to sick.  Andy and John went over after the party to give her a priesthood blessing.  We hope she feels better soon!!


  Mimi eating her lunch at the Relief Society day of service.


Me eating my lunch at the Relief Society day of service.



A new year is upon us….here comes 2015!

20150101_120849   20150101_120909
20150101_134630  20150101_134701

Normally New Year’s Day is a day for our family to clean and organize.  Not this year.  We woke up and wanted to do something.  We thought of going on a hike; however, it was soooooooo cold outside!  So we decided to play indoor soccer at the church.  Jaron refused to come.  He didn’t want to hang out with us weirdos….  We missed him.

Soccer was fun.  I even scored two goals!  I also realized how bad I am at soccer.  After an hour and half or so of playing, we were all tired.  So we headed off to get some lunch.

20150101_213205  20150101_213216
20150101_213230  20150101_213300

After dinner, Opi called us to see if we would be up to playing Canasta together.  We said sure!  It has been a long time since we’ve played card games, so I was pretty excited.  It took a while for Opi and Mimi to arrive.  They brought some left over treats from New Year’s Eve, we had drinks and we played cards.

It was the first time my kids have played Canasta, so the first round was pretty slow.  They did catch on and everything started speeding up.  After finishing the test round and two other rounds, we were all ready to call it a night but Opi said he wanted one more round.  It was 11:30 at night but he wanted to do all three rounds.  In the end, Ashlyn and I won.  However, it is truly a game of luck, not stategy.  It just depends upon what you draw.

By the time we finished the last round we were all exhausted but we certainly had a good time!

This year Mimi and Opi are moving back east so we are trying to enjoy every moment we have with them as our time with them will be few and far between soon.  :(

{Easter with Day Family}

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{Introducing Bishop Ryan Davis}


Our family and Mimi slept at Paul’s condo before heading over to the Davis’ church.  The sacrament service was  beautiful…. I found myself tearing up quite a few times.  We stayed after sacrament meeting to see him get set apart.


Afterwards,  we all took a few snapshots and headed back to the Davis home for a lovely meal.  By 4:30 or so, we were all on the road and heading home.  Mimi and all my kids but Emmy went in her car as Emmy joined us for the drive home.  Ashlyn and Trev ended up falling asleep leaving Jaron the one in charge of keeping Mimi alert and awake to drive.  He did a good job.  Quite an eventful day.

{Chuck E. Cheese – Trevin’s birthday party}


















{Happy Birthday Marissa!}

This day was long yet wonderful.  Mid-morning I received a knock on the door.  It was Jamie Bailey, our Primary President.  She had an invitation in hand for Jaron.  I wondered what it was for.  Then I realized it was for the Priesthood Preview.  Really?  I hadn’t even thought about it much but here was my reminder that Jaron would turn twelve in a couple weeks.  I got his appointment set up with the bishop after the Priesthood Preview.  The following Sunday he’ll be made a deacon.  I am happy for Jaron and for the opportunity he’ll have to serve others and hold the priesthood.  However, I’m also sad because he’s growing up.  {{Mommy Moment}}

2013-01-05 12.33.44

Stake Conference was amazing today.  I sat and cried through most of it.  The Spirit just touched my heart and squeezed the tears right out of me.  One of my favorite parts of conference was the Men’s choir.  Wow!  All of their musical numbers were BEAUTIFUL!  One of my favorite moments was when they sang the closing number, “This is the Christ”.  Emmy was sitting on my lap and she could see the conductor of the choir quite well from our seat and could see how “in to it” he was.  So, she started swinging her arms imitating his every move.  She has done this on other occasions as well.  At first I let her do it but when she nearly whacked me in the face, I gently put her arms down and within seconds they were back up again with gusto.  As the number concluded the gentleman seated behind me leaned forward and said, “She’ll make a fine conductor one day.”

After conference I came home and wrote the missionaries…all seven of them.  I try and write them regularly simply because I remember how much it meant for me to receive a letter from…well, anyone.

Later in the afternoon, I met with Carol Higginson.  I was called to replace her in the Stake Primary Presidency as the secretary.  She asked to be released after having had her first baby.  She also finished nursing school at the same time.  Anyway, I met with her to learn more of my duties and to get some of her files and paperwork.  I also enjoyed visiting with her and her husband and meeting her son, Ben.  I will miss working with her.


We finished off the evening at Mimi’s house to have Sunday dinner and to celebrate Marissa’s birthday together.  It was very enjoyable…as usual.  We gave Marissa a Barbie Veterinary bag.  The dog (which is sooooo soft) comes with all the things you would need to help it when it becomes sick.  Mimi and Opi gave her a Mulon fan (it’s what she wanted more than anything else).  Happy Birthday Marissa!

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IMG_0877 IMG_0880 IMG_0876

{Mimi Moments}

I came across some random photos of Mimi and Opi today on my computer and wanted to post them here.  Good times.

1 1aa 2 3 pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

5 6 9  4 10

{New Year’s Party}

20121231_191353   20121231_191357

20121231_192703 20121231_192709

My mom, Julie Warner (friend), Heidi Seidel (friend)

Bailee & Wade Warner

Tucker Warner

We had lots of games going on….


Mimi and Opi


Me and the Mister

Ryan and Martina stopped by on their way home for a few minutes (especially after he heard we had seven layer dip – his favorite!)

Alyssa and Grace

MaKenna giving Mimi a massage

Andy putting together a puzzle.

{Church, Family and the dreaded book report!}

As usual, church was wonderful!  It just fills my spirit after such a long week.  For one reason or another, I haven’t been able to attend our ward for weeks due to Stake business.  So it was refreshing to be back home!  Additionally, it was the first time I have been to Sunday School in years.  I have been in Primary so long that I haven’t been able to attend.  I was released from my second calling as Primary pianist the end of October and have been visiting other wards since.  So, it was a treat to go to all three meetings!

Afterwards, we had Sunday dinner at Mimi’s house and celebrated Emalee’s birthday with family.   My favorite part was when Parker kept trying to blow out Emalee’s candles and so Emalee would put her hand towards Parker’s mouth as she tried to blow out the candles herself.  Too funny!!

Xina’s brother, Conner, was visiting for a few hours tonight.  His babysitter was in town and let her watch him before heading home again.  She just lights up when her brother is around!

Last but not least, Jaron has had a ever approaching deadline coming up….a book report.  He has known about it for weeks and has procrastinated this assignment even with countless reminders to get his book read.  Well, he read almost all day….skipped Sunday dinner at Mimi’s and had started the report by the time we returned.  Andy stayed at the house with him but came for a minute to get food for the both of them.   There is such a difference between all of my children.  Jaron pushes things until the very last minute…..Ashlyn turns things in earlier if not earlier than early…..Trevin turns things in early or late, both…..and Emalee is doing good if she turns anything in.  That is where we are at THIS year.  Things can certainly change.  :   )

{Excursion with Mimi and Opi}

Today was Martin Luther King Day and none of the kiddos had school.  Mimi and Opi planned a little excursion this morning to Cabella’s and Thanksgiving Point (Dinosaur Museum).  They invited Jaron and Kim (our foreign exchange student) to come along with them, Jaehung and Callum (his family is on a cruise right now and so they are babysitting him for the week).

Mimi came to get the boys from the house around 10:00 a.m.  I sent a plate of cookies I had made for the road trip (can’t have anyone going hungry, can we?)

Mimi wrote on her blog, “The weather was not great with snow flurries and a few accidents on the freeway.  We made it okay and the boys had fun.”

They DID have fun….but how could you NOT when you are with Mimi and Opi???

{Thanksgiving 2011}

Thanksgiving was wonderful yet again.  It has come and gone so quickly.  This year Thanksgiving was held at our home and we had, oh, 32 or so in attendance.  Jaron and Ashlyn helped me make mini apple pies this morning…I appreciated their help.  Andy and the wee ones helped clean while we prepared the pies and my other food dishes.  Jaron really enjoys cooking in general but he really enjoys recipes that have lots of steps and seeing each step through.

I was grateful to have Jeff here this year, we always enjoy his company.  As well as Heidi,  Jessica and her baby Carissa (my mom’s friends)…and Oma as well.  Both sides of our family were together, which was a treat….that doesn’t happen very often.  I made turkey name places for the kids and Mayflower name places for the adults filled with M&M’s.  All the kiddos were stealing the M&M’s from the adults when they thought no one was looking….especially Emmy!  : )

Some family members left shortly after dinner and family pictures; however, some of us lingered and played Yahtzee together.  Me and Libby lost in fashion! : )  It was a wonderful day spent with family and reflecting on our MANY blessings!

{St. George — Day 2}

Day 2 on our St. George adventure.  Today was a very stressful day…..NOT!  : )  It was filled with swimming, napping, shopping, watching movies, putting together puzzles, cooking meals and making homemade churros.  Yep, that’s about it. 

The rules require you to take a quick shower before swimming…kind of a shock to the system (apparently).

Trevin testing the waters – seeing how cool the water is…..  This picture is kind of funny because at a glance, it looks like Trevin doesn’t have legs.  Emmy is in the background trying to go in the hot tub before Andy redirected her to the pool.

Ashlyn doing the back float and Jaron swimming with a noodle.


Emmy Lou Lou

Mimi playing with Trevin, Emalee swimming with a floatie and Jaron and Ashlyn behind her.

Towel Holder

Opi and Emmy

I caught Mimi in the middle of a laugh….she’s not crying, I promise.  She had all the kids hold on to each other and she pulled them around the pool like a train.  You can’t see Trevin, but he is the caboose…he is behind Ashlyn.

Trevin started out helping put the puzzles together, but as the puzzles got harder, he didn’t hang around as much.

These are the five puzzles we put together.

This puzzle was the hardest of them all … it was 350 pieces.

The grandma’s making churros with the kiddos.

Kiddos helping cook.

Andy hanging out on the couch on his tablet.  Mom at the table after we finished putting all the puzzles together.

{By George, here we come!}

For weeks now, my mom, Mimi and Opi and our family have been planning on going down to St. George to see the production of “The Little Mermaid” at the Tuachan Theater.  Mimi, Opi, Ashlyn and Jaron all headed out first….with the hope that we would be following shortly.  However, Andy was tied up with work and we started to wonder if he was going to be able to come at all.  With a few prayers under our belts, the rest of us waited anxiously at the house.  We got the call that Andy was on his way and we left here around 3:30’ish.  Andy still had to work from the car a bit, but at least he was in the car and we were on our way.  We were grateful.

About 45 minutes before arriving at the theater, we stopped off at McDonald’s so that Trevin and Emalee could run around for a few minutes.  We were all ready to get out of the car and stretch for a bit.

The play didn’t start until 9:00 p.m. but it was WONDERFUL!  Better than I had expected.

This stage is so versatile.  They created a way for the water to start in the mountains and then come down on the stage and then into built in drains.  As the water got progressively heavier/faster, it appeared like a large lake.  It was amazing.

Andy bought all the kiddos a snack during intermission.  Ashlyn chose a frozen pink lemonade (perfect treat for the heat), Emalee chose sour Skittles (not a surprise…the girl lives for Skittles), Trevin chose chilled Junior mints (the best way to have them) and Jaron chose Reeses Pieces.  Andy chose popcorn.  Everyone shared with me ’cause I didn’t really want anything in particular.

This is an outdoor theater at the base of the canyon….it is just beautiful.  I snapped a picture before the show started to show just how unique their stage is.  The rest of these pictures are from a website promoting their show….enjoy:

One of the things that is not portrayed well from any of these pictures is the water curtain that ran across the stage.  It showered down water creating the illusion that many of the scenes were under water.  They also used a projector to project different under water scenes on to the water.  It was nothing short of amazing….as you can see from these photos and a lot of fun.

The following two pictures are not great, but I still wanted to post them.  After the show finished, all the characters went in a foyer area where they allowed everyone to take pictures of themselves with them.  We got a quick snapshot of Trevin and Emmy with King Triton…. (Emalee looks kind of scary!)

And here is a picture of Ariel greeting a guest…

{Mimi’s Hoedown}

Mimi had her birthday party with the grandkids yesterday.  It’s a tradition for her to get together with the kiddos and celebrate.  Quoting her, she says, “At this stage of life, birthdays aren’t that big of a deal to me.   They ARE a big deal to my grandchildren.  So each year I throw myself a birthday party and invite all of my grandkiddies to come.  We do things they would enjoy.”

This year she had a Levi/Western/Cowboy birthday party theme.  All the guests were asked to wear levi’s and they couldn’t buy her any gifts…but they could make them.  Here are a few pictures from the festivities:

Back row: Mimi holding Parker
Next row: MaKenna, Alyssa, Jaron (with some kind of face mask), Grace
Front row: Callum, Keltie, Emalee, Marissa, Trevin and Ashlyn

The Birthday Cake….Mimi writes, “Utah cake (aerial view) not my best effort.  The blobs are mountains and red rocks with Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake.”

All the grandkids getting their shot at the cowboy boot pinata.  Trevin just finished his turn.

Jaron (I’m guessing as a masked Zorro) is waiting ever so patiently for his turn with the pinata.

The grandkids were each given a placemat with farm stickers.  They were asked to draw their own farms…best work only!  They all did a great job.

Here’s MaKenna’s masterpiece.

The older kids were especially serious about their “farms”.  MaKenna had a hard time putting down the crayons for cake.  She just “had” to finish.

While the rest of the gang were playing, I took this photo of Opi and Callum with Mimi’s camera.  It just seemed too good to pass up.  : )

Hoe down time….swing your partner…doe-si-doe.

MaKenna played the “fiddle”.  She did a great job.

{So long soccer…it’s been great!}

Today was the last day of soccer….so sad.  Jaron, Ashlyn and Trevin have really enjoyed this season.  Jaron’s game was first this morning…Jaron and I were the first family members to arrive.  Not too long after the gange arrived to watch the game with me….even Mimi came to watch today.

Trevin and Ashlyn aren’t too far behind and unfortunately you can’t see Emalee (other than her legs which are between Andy’s).

There’s always enough time for a silly shot…..  Mimi and Ando (as I call him).

Here are a few shots of Jaron during his game:

It was most common to see Jaron play defense on each game.  He really did a great job at that position.  I overheard Jaron talking to his coach while he was waiting on the sideline saying, “You’ve got to send me back in coach…we can’t let them score.”  He was so anxious to get back in the game and defend his goal post.

There were several times I “could” have shot a video clip of Jaron during his game but I never knew when to record.  In the end, the only shot I had of him was of him kicking the ball out of bounds to stop the other team (I guess something is better than nothing):

Here are some random shots of all the kids throughout the morning:

Ashlyn and Trevin’s game was at the same time at different schools.  So, I stayed and watched Ashlyn’s game while Andy took Trevin to his game.

Here’s a snipet of Ashlyn playing her game:


This is a picture of Ashlyn with her coaches as well as with her trophy and pictures.

At the end of each game, each team gives the opposing team high 5’s while saying, “Good game” over, and over again.  This is Ashlyn’s favorite part.

As Andy and Trevin were about to leave, I told Trevin, “Make sure Dad gets some great shots of you playing and not chatting with your buddy Carter.”  Trevin and Carter have been known to be chatting up a storm as the ball comes down the field.  Andy told me later that Trevin played the best he ever has, being very aggressive with the ball and very focused.  Yeah Trevin!!  Here are a few pictures of him during his game:

All three of their coaches have been wonderful!  We were very lucky.  We brought a small thank you for each of them.  Inside was some cash for them to go to a movie.

I love what Trevin wrote on the inside of his card to his coach….

Once we got home, we worked on getting the house and yard cleaned up.  Shortly thereafter, it started raining….and then pouring.  I gave the boys haircuts, finished laundry and started the dishes.  While scrubbing the dishes I looked out the window (and what did I see?)  A bird.

I’m not sure what kind of bird this is….there were two of them just hanging out together.  I have put out bird food in the front of my yard each year and it is amazing how many different kinds of birds frequent this area….love ’em.

Jaron ended up having a sleepover with Mimi and Opi and the condo tonight.  Mimi is going to teach Opi and Jaron how to make doughnuts.  Emalee gets to have a sleepover at Grandma’s house with Amelia.  She has been looking forward to this for DAYS now!  So that left Trevin, Ashlyn, Andy and I to have our own fun.  The kids had free kid meal coupons for Bajio, so the four of us went to dinner there.  Afterwards we ran some errands and then went to my friends new ice cream shop that opened this week called, Subzero Ice Cream & Yogurt.  It was a lot of fun!  You basically create your own ice cream by choosing your desired flavor and mix-in’s.  Then they put it under liquid nitrogen and make it ice cream right before your eyes and it was super creamy!