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{Easter with Day Family}

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{Introducing Bishop Ryan Davis}


Our family and Mimi slept at Paul’s condo before heading over to the Davis’ church.  The sacrament service was  beautiful…. I found myself tearing up quite a few times.  We stayed after sacrament meeting to see him get set apart.


Afterwards,  we all took a few snapshots and headed back to the Davis home for a lovely meal.  By 4:30 or so, we were all on the road and heading home.  Mimi and all my kids but Emmy went in her car as Emmy joined us for the drive home.  Ashlyn and Trev ended up falling asleep leaving Jaron the one in charge of keeping Mimi alert and awake to drive.  He did a good job.  Quite an eventful day.

{Martina’s bithday BBQ}

Trevin and Andy  followed Jaron to Scout camp last night leaving the rest of us to make our own fun.  Vickie asked if we had any ice cream…and we didn’t…so that led us getting shakes and watching our favorite show, “Treehouse Masters”. 

They arrived home mid morning while we were cleaning.  Vickie and I headed over to work on the parade float for a few hours.


Not too long after we all met at Mimi’s for a birthday celebration.  Today wad Martina’s birthday.  It has been a while since we’ve all been together for a meal, so it was nice  to catch up a little bit.

{New Year’s Party}

20121231_191353   20121231_191357

20121231_192703 20121231_192709

My mom, Julie Warner (friend), Heidi Seidel (friend)

Bailee & Wade Warner

Tucker Warner

We had lots of games going on….


Mimi and Opi


Me and the Mister

Ryan and Martina stopped by on their way home for a few minutes (especially after he heard we had seven layer dip – his favorite!)

Alyssa and Grace

MaKenna giving Mimi a massage

Andy putting together a puzzle.

{Halloween 2012}

Holidays.  I always look forward to them; however, this month has just passed me by.  I woke up this morning completely unaware that today was Halloween.  I knew it was coming but my goodness…where does time go?  I spent the morning planting tons of daffodil bulbs along the park way fence and in my yard.  In the afternoon, I volunteered to help in Trevin’s classroom for his class Halloween party.  I wish I would have taken a photo or two.  Me and Jessi Brown (Trevin’s best friends mom) helped run the show.

After school was spent getting stuff ready for dinner.  We always have dinner in a pumpkin and this year was no different….

I also made homemade Root Beer….

This year for Halloween, Emalee was a cheerleader:

Trevin was a firefighter….

Ashlyn was a cowgirl….

Jaron was a big, scary thing…..see for yourself….

Andy was the “cool” trick-or-treat dad….

Even Charlie dressed up for the festivities…..he was a raccoon….

Andy took the kiddos around the neighborhood while I passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  We had SO many this year due to good weather.  I went through several bags of candy and ran out by 8:30 p.m.  Still, with the porch light off, the teenagers still came to our house until 10 something.  It was crazy.

Here’s a picture Mimi took when my family got to her house:

Here’s a picture of the Davis Family:

Here’s a picture of the Day clan:

{Easter Egg Hunt 2012}

We went to Mimi and Opi’s house tonight for dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt.  Mimi even surprised us with an egg hunt for the adults.  Opi found the golden egg, which contained money (lucky him).  The other boys (Trent, Ryan and Andy) played rough…they felt competition with chocolate at stake.  ; )

While we were hiding the eggs for the kiddos hunt, they were downstairs making gliders.  Then they went out to the front lawn to test them out….to see who’s glider went the farthest.  It was a lot of fun!

{Thanksgiving 2011}

Thanksgiving was wonderful yet again.  It has come and gone so quickly.  This year Thanksgiving was held at our home and we had, oh, 32 or so in attendance.  Jaron and Ashlyn helped me make mini apple pies this morning…I appreciated their help.  Andy and the wee ones helped clean while we prepared the pies and my other food dishes.  Jaron really enjoys cooking in general but he really enjoys recipes that have lots of steps and seeing each step through.

I was grateful to have Jeff here this year, we always enjoy his company.  As well as Heidi,  Jessica and her baby Carissa (my mom’s friends)…and Oma as well.  Both sides of our family were together, which was a treat….that doesn’t happen very often.  I made turkey name places for the kids and Mayflower name places for the adults filled with M&M’s.  All the kiddos were stealing the M&M’s from the adults when they thought no one was looking….especially Emmy!  : )

Some family members left shortly after dinner and family pictures; however, some of us lingered and played Yahtzee together.  Me and Libby lost in fashion! : )  It was a wonderful day spent with family and reflecting on our MANY blessings!

{Water fun with the Davis Family}

Jaron said this was the best day of his life. Right when we pulled into the driveway at home he asked if we could go back. Quite surprising after the hour and a half drive back. All 3 kids didn’t want to go above 15 mph. I got Jaron up to about 30 a couple of times when I distracted him enough to not look at how fast we were going. I was going 60 for a while and Ryan was pulling away. Those are really nice jet skiis and we had a great time. I topped out at 64 mph. What a rush.

The kids loved camping in the Davis’s backyard, playing with cousins, watching movies, playing pool and ping pong, making breakfast with Aunt Martina and making smores over a fire in the neighbors backyard. What a great evening and day. We did this trip as an alternative to fathers and sons. I was planning on dropping Ashlyn off to sleep over with Grace and taking the boys on to bear lake. I gave the boys the option to stay and play with their cousins or go on and camp. They choose to camp in the backyard and play there. Ryan was preparing for Scout camp, but still offered to take us out on the Hyrum dam to jet skii. We were planning on going to bear lake to play, but Hyrum dam was warm, not crowded and less than 10 minutes away. It was perfect.

We missed getting to play with John and Lib at bear lake since they were there staying a timeshare. We did fit in going to Gossners for milk and cheese. Good times!

{Good times…..}

Originally the West Family Reunion was planned for last month; however, Val and Christine’s sister-in-law (Vawna) passed away unexpectedly.  Therefore, the reunion was postponed until today.

There was good company and food with plenty of time to “chat”.  The boys enjoyed playing basketball and running around.

Good times…..

Is busy good?

In Stake Conference last week, one of the speakers referenced a quote that I’ve heard before…..she said, “If  Satan can’t get you to be bad, he’ll get you to be busy.”  I don’t know if that’s really true or not, but it made me think.  Today I was “busy” from the minute I got up until this very moment.  One thing led to the next.

My morning started with a marshmallow crisis.  What is that exactly?  Well, a gal in our ward is having an open house for their missionary son that just came home from North Carolina.  I offered to bring a salad and decided upon a Carmel Apple Salad.  One of the ingredients is mini marshmallows.  I had gone grocery shopping earlier in the week and made sure I had everything I needed.  However, when I got up this morning and started putting it all together, I noticed the WHOLE bag of marshmallows was gone….no where to be found.  It’s not like I could run to the store and get another bag….it’s Sunday.  Come to find out, all four kiddos devoured the bag together (no wonder they were REALLY hyper a couple days ago!…it had to be when they did it.)  Anyway, I called a few of my neighbors to see if anyone had a bag of mini marshmallows on hand…it’s not exactly an ingredient most of us have unless we bought it for a recipe.  Luckily I found a neighbor that had some.  She saved the day!

So I picked those up from her and rushed back to the house and finished the salad.  Whew….  Then I called the sister and asked her if I could bring over my dish to her house right then so she could have it for family members and others and they came by her house.  She said sure.  So I made a mad dash to her house and then came back home to get the girls hair done.  Because church fills up quickly when there is a missionary farewell, I sent Andy and the boys off to church early without us and I stayed home an extra ten minutes to finish up the girls’ hair.  So we ended up taking two vehicles to church….  Church was great though (as usual).  It is such a spiritual boost to my week.  I can’t imagine missing even one week.  I’m glad that the Sabbath is a day of rest…a day I can rest from worldly cares (to-do lists, schedules, meetings, shopping….) and slow down.

After church we headed over to Mimi’s house for Sunday dinner and Jaron’s birthday celebration.  I seriously can’t believe he is turning 10!  Where did my baby go??

Jaron with the traditional “Birthday Hat”

In this picture, Jaron is about to remind Trevin that the BIRTHDAY boy gets dinner first and that Trevin needs to get in the back of the line!

Even when Parker’s in his cage (so-to-speak) he is STILL trying to get into things.  : )

Me and Keltie

Oma and Andy

Kristin and Mimi

Jaron and Alton with mouths full of food…oops, bad timing on my part.

Trent, Marissa and Opi

Me and mom

After dinner, Jaron was given this pillow and pillowcase by his Aunt Kristin and Uncle Trent.  He can take it with him on Scouting adventures, sleepovers, in the car or just an extra pillow for his bed.  It is darling!

Andy and I had coincidentally set up Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching appointments at the same time, same day.  We asked if the kiddos could stay and play with cousins and family while we did our thing.  Before we left, we had Jaron blow out the candles on his cake.

Once we sung to him and he’d blown out his candles, Andy and I both headed out the door.  On the way up the stairs, I encountered Emalee who had about a million different faces for me….here are just a few:

I kissed her goodbye and headed out the door.  Right as I headed out the door, my mom came in and said Andy had just hit her car as he had backed out of the driveway.  He did some good bumper damage to her new vehicle.  (((SO SAD)))  Uggg!!

I have to say I have come to love Visiting Teaching.  I especially enjoy the sisters I am assigned to Visit Teach.  I have made it a personal goal to make or create opportunities outside of our home visits to show I care about them.  One of our sisters wasn’t home, but the other two were.

When I came back to Mimi’s to pick up the kids and meet up with Andy, Ryan had dropped by and was visiting with everyone.  It’s good to see you Ryan…even if it’s only for a few minutes.

So we headed home, got the kiddos changed into pajamas, had family scripture study and prayer.  Then one-by-one we put the kiddos in bed.

So….is busy good?  Today WAS busy, but a good busy.  Is that possible?  Other than wrecking my mom’s car, I wouldn’t change much about today.

{Ashlyn’s Baptism – Family Get Together – Halloween}

Today was a very special day for our family.  Ashlyn was baptized and confirmed this morning.

After we finished lunch, Alyssa wanted to perform three dances/songs she has been practicing.  She was accepted as a performer in the Nutcracker.  They will be performing the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I filmed one of the three songs she performed:

{2010 Hart Family Newsletter}

Every year, Opi’s side of the family puts together a huge family newsletter including every family that is a descendant that is a member of the Hart Family.  Here are the updates from our side of the family:

OPI & MIMI – The biggest change for Val and I was the opportunity to host two foreign high school students this past year.  A 16 year old from Korea lived with us for 6 months and an 18 year old from China lived with us for nine months.  They were like our own sons with all the ups and downs of raising teenagers.   Add a language barrier and cultural differences to the mix and things got very interesting at times.   We learned so much about the Asian Culture and became attached to Austin (Chuan Li) and will definitely keep in touch as he goes on to the University in Ohio. Val still works long hours at our Music Shop.  Our small business has felt the effects of the struggling economy.  I assist him any way I can.  Val serves as a missionary in our Ward and I serve on Melanie’s Relief Society Enrichment Committee.  Our greatest joy is our family.  We feel very blessed to have regular get- togethers with our children and grandchildren.

US (ANDY & MEL) – I (Melanie) get to be a play-at-home mama now with four not-so-little-anymore wonders – – – – Jaron (9), Ashlyn (7), Trevin (5) and Emalee (4).  I’m married to one handsome hubby, Andy.  I recently quit my job to “come home” and just be mom and I’m lovin’ it.  I make cookies all day long now and avoid doing laundry and dishes as much as possible (that is completely true…)

Andy is currently serving in the Young Men Organization and really enjoys it.  I, however, do not know what my calling is called anymore.  I am the Home, Family and Personal Enrichment Leader….I mean, Enrichment Coordinator….I mean Relief Society Meeting Person?   Whatever I am, I enjoy it.  I guess it just adds to the craziness of the calling…I was extended the call from the bishop as I sat in Sacrament Meeting as he was on his way up to the stand…literally one minute before the meeting started…but it’s all good!

We enjoy many adventures together.  We went to Lake Tahoe earlier last month and plan on going camping this weekend at the Spruces with family.  Andy and I will be celebrating 11 years together this Fall.  Hard to believe really.  Our children bring us the most joy.  Jaron loves reading, practicing karate (he is self taught…no need for lessons), Scouts, cooking and being right (hee, hee!….I had to add that one).  Ashlyn loves creating just about anything out of paper and glitter, drawing, reading, learning how to dance from youtube video clips, and swimming.  Trevin….oh my, he’s the mischievous one who loves taunting his older brother and sister.  He can warm his parents heart with his magical smile and enjoys just about everything (except healthy food)!  He’s excited to start soccer in the Fall with his brother.  Emalee is unique (in a good way).  She wears everything backwards…her clothes, swimming suit, bike helmet, shoes….everything.  She makes us smile.  She LOVES music.  Whenever she hears music, her arms naturally gravitate to a leading position as if she were a conductor.  It could be the radio, but her arms starting waving to and fro as if they were following her every move.  She has an incredible GPS nose that locates any “unguarded” candy and claims it as her own.  (I wonder if this works with lost keys and such…hmmmm…..)

Andy is a phone guy.  If I were to give you his official title and job description you would think I started talking in Chinese (which he could understand because he speaks Chinese too).  Anyway, he loves his job and he’s very dedicated.  I run a website and enjoy blogging about my family.  I enjoy creating things, changing my furniture around, decorating for every holiday and taking lots of pictures of my children.  You’ll always find me barefoot, hair in a ponytail and a Dr. Pepper close by.  That’s pretty much us in a nutshell.  Andy and I are seriously blessed and have much to be grateful for.

RYAN & MARTINA – This has been an interesting year for us.  We are still adjusting to living in Providence, UT (Cache Valley)  Ryan couldn’t be happier, he can take the four-wheelers right out of the garage and up into the mountains.  Martina isn’t a fan of the cold winters, and the kids are split between enjoying new friends and missing their old neighborhood.  Martina was called as the Activities chair and Ryan the assistant.  We have determined this was due in part to having an “Icecream Social” in the front yard shortly after moving in so that we could get to know the neighbors.  Not too long after, Ryan was called to teach the 11 year-olds in Primary.  He loves it.  Alyssa is in his class and he loves having that age group and the funny things they do.  Martina was also called to be a counselor in the primary presidency.  She enjoys it until it is her turn to do sharing time.  We are all enjoying the new house and the additional space.

Alyssa just turned twelve and is very excited about being in Young Womens.  She attended camp for the first time in July and really enjoyed it.  She is still involved in ballet and really enjoys dancing even though the performances make her a little nervous.  She has become such a great baby-sitter that the neighbors are catching on and we get her less at home!

MaKenna is nearly 10 and as independent as ever!  She is very good at being creative in how to disappear at the most inopportune moments.  She really likes her violin teacher but the practicing not so much!  She is excited to be moving into 5th grade and seeing all of her new friends.

Grace is 7 and definitely the drama queen in the family.  She is alway dramatic whether it is having fun or a request to set the table!   She absolutely keeps us on our toes being the most logical of the children, she is always asking questions or correcting us if we don’t say something exactly right, small technicalities like skirt vs. a dress.  She loves her sisters and wants to be in the middle of everything.

Callum is 2 but you would never guess it by his size.  He is wearing 4 year old clothes and some of them still don’t fit properly.  He loves cars, trucks, buses, tractors, and the four-wheelers.  Pretty much anything that is automotive related, he perks right up.  He is the most laid back of the kids, he will entertain himself for hours with a couple of cars.

All in all, we are doing well.  We are very thankful for family that is willing to make the trip up to Cache Valley, we use cooler temperatures and cheese to entice them, but usually it is the kids that make the trip worth it!

– Trent is working at Verizon wireless in technical support.  He enjoys working there and is very patient in fixing everyones problems.  He also serves as the first councilor in the Elders Quorum Presidency.  Kristin works at Ken Garner engineering where she drafts and designs electrical plans. She also serves as the 1st Counselor in the Primary.  Marissa is now four and can’t wait to start preschool and dance in August. She loves to learn, read, and always is singing a song.  Keltie is two and is my busy bee.  She is energetic and happy.  She loves making messes, coloring and reading books.  Parker is 9 months old, he is our new addition. We are adopting him which will be finalized this August. He is so pleasent to be around and has such an easy going, happy personality. He loves graham crackers, playing pat a cake, clapping his hands and waving. We are so happy he is part of our lives!  This summer we have worked hard putting in our new back yard and working in our basement.  We can’t wait for the added space and a huge thanks goes out to all who have made it possible.

Family Temple Night for Mimi’s Birthday

Mother, Mimi, Christine, wanted all three kids and spouses to go to the temple together sometime soon. Martina helped to make it happen and suprised her for her birthday that we were going to go. We had a fun hawaiin birthday dinner earlier with all the kids. The hawaiin haystacks were really good with coconut, peanuts, pineapple, red peppers, shredded chicken or pork, rice and a few other good things. The tropical cheesecake was good too. The kids had fun smashing the pinata and then got to go to their babysitters so the adults could go to the temple.

We went to the Oquir Mountain Temple which I’d never been to, and most of the others had only been there during the open house. It’s very beautiful and we had a good time. A groom was taking his bridge through on our session, so their family were all in the prayer circle. Total of 22 people. I don’t remember seeing that many before. Martina took some pictures and had someone take a couple so she could be in them too.

{Trevin, Andy, Callum & Xina’s birthday party}

We had another great family get-together today but this time we celebrated FOUR birthdays.  Trevin’s was April 26th, Andy & Callum’s birthday is tomorrow (May 3rd) and Xina’s birthday (our foreign exchange student) is on May 6th.  So we held one big party.

Once everyone arrived, we started dinner….the kids were so excited to get eating.  I had to keep asking MaKenna to look at the camera for a quick picture.  The first picture had MaKenna looking at the camera but her eyes were placed firmly on the food….silly girl!

After dinner, everyone started opening their presents.  John and Lib’s family gave Trevin a really cool frisbee that changes into a ball mid-flight.  I’ve never seen anything like it….he and Jaron will have tons of fun with that.

My mom and I made Callum a cute car caddy.  It has a road on the top part and six compartments for cars to be stored once they are finished.  He LOVES to play from cars SO much that I thought it might be a great gift idea.  You can see what it looks like best from the pictures on the right:

Here is a picture of Spencer watching everyone open their presents.

Here is a cute video of Callum opening his birthday present from Mimi.  He pulls some great expressions:

For dessert, I made an ice cream cake found here.

The evening was topped off with the traditional Happy Birthday song except all four of them had to share the candles.

Happy Birthday everyone!!!

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet.


I always love a different perspective.  Here is Mimi’s post from her blog on the evening.  She writes,  “A few of us (29) gathered together to celebrate 4 birthdays. Andy, Callum, Trevin and Sheena were fussed over and sung to in Day Family fashion. We ate a delicious dinner first. Then had a present opening party, followed by the pinata burst and ending with ice cream sandwich cake.

The best part of any family gathering for me is watching everyone interact. The party was held at Andy and Mel’s place so there was room to spread out and enjoy the change in weather. The skies turned blue with a hint of sunshine. The kids had a blast playing on the trampoline and the massive swing set/jungle gym. The downside was that the ground was a bit muddy from the past week of moisture. Keltie discovered this in a quick hurry. Callum looked so old in his sport coat ensemble with saddle shoes. It isn’t until he starts walking and talking that you remember just how young he really is. I thoroughly enjoyed having Jaron and Ashlyn over to my house before the party. They were a big help by wrapping gifts and even cleaned up the toy room that I didn’t get to from the night before. I love getting to talk with Alyssa about her school projects and the books she reads. Kenna is still “houdini” making appearances for food etc and then disappearing again. Marissa loves her cousin, Gracie. She follows her around like a puppy dog. It is so cute. Trevin was so excited for this day to come. He loved opening his gifts and gave everyone big hugs and thank you’s. Emalee is such a unique character. She is helping me one minute and sneaking candy the next. She loved playing with cousins.

When my schedule is unbearable and I think about cancelling our Sunday dinners, I just remember the contentment I see on the faces of my children and grandchildren. It makes any time sacrifice worth it in the end.”

{Thanksgiving 2008}

I love this quote!

There is something magical about holidays, this one included.  It just doesn’t get better than making memories with your family and truly reflecting on your blessings.


The last couple of years, Andy has enjoyed playing flag football in the morning with some of the guys from the neighborhood.  He plays for a couple hours and then comes home.  It’s usually freezing cold and today was no exception.

Some years we have Thanksgiving on our own and other years we join up with the whole family.  This year we all got together and it turned out very nice. 




Mimi getting things ready….




Emalee and Trevin TRIED to wait patiently for dinner, but they got a bit anxious, which ultimately causes them to get on each others nerves.  Trevin thrivessssssssssss on making Emalee miserable (…it is a brothers duty you know).  And Emalee doesn’t take any of Trevin’s crap….she dishes it right back out…so it can be a bad combination at times!!

Here are some quick pics of the day:




Callum and Keltie hung out and played together….



I love how Mimi summarized the day on her blog.  She writes, “Although I am exhausted, and my kitchen looks like disaster central, Thanksgiving was a day to be thankful for. We had lots of fun times, crazy times, a few mishaps (like dropping the pumpkin pie) and a few entertaining moments (Melanie playing the piano for her grandpa and the granddaughters singing Disney Princess karaoke songs). Dinner was delish. The holiday table was loaded with food. We ended up with 24 people. I made new friends with Lee, Minji and “J” (short for Jaymin). Our guests this year came from California and Korea.  After dinner, I got to play landmark bingo with the grandkiddies. I found prizes that had something to do with Thanksgiving. The adults played card games too. We had our family picture taken. All I can say is thank goodness for digital cameras and photo shop. When over half of the people in the picture are 10 years old and under, it makes for a creative time.  Even though I love to cook, it is difficult to miss out on some of the goings on while preparing the food. My grandchildren say and do the funniest things. For example, Trevin said, “My bottom burped” after passing gas. All in all, a memorable day.’




Martina at the table, Andy and Oma on the couch

Later in the evening, my Grandpa Peterson stopped by for a visit.  He wanted to say hi to Jeff while he was in town.  While the Day’s visited in the family room, my mom, Jeff, Grandpa and myself visited in the front room.  It was nice to catch up and see my grandpa joke with Jeff about the T-shirt he was wearing…asking if he wanted to switch.  Throughout the conversation he noticed the piano in the room and said it looked similar to Grandma’s piano.  I said, “That’s because it is.  You gave the piano to John and Liberty after Grandma died.  When they moved to Hawaii they asked me to store it until they got back.”  Tears welled up his eyes and he asked if I would play it for him.  I brushed him off and said, “Nnnnnaaaawww.”  He asked me again.  It’s been years since I’ve played the piano for him.  So, I played a Jazz piece and a couple other songs.  It really made his day….for that I am grateful.

I am so thankful for basic things such as my family, good health, gospel, friends, and life.  However, I am grateful for the small things as well.  Truly I blessed beyond measure.