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General Conference-Saturday

One of my favorite weekends of the year… General Conference. Oh how I love hearing from our leaders. This conference was especially historic in that three new apostles were called: Elder Ronald A. Rasband, Elder Gary E. Stevenson and Elder Dale G. Renlund. I am excited to get to know them better. 

There were so many spiritual insights and tidbits; however, here are some of my favorite take-away’s from today:

• We didn’t marry perfection, we married potential. (Elder Robert D. Hales)

• You are rich if you can live happily within your means. (Elder Robert D. Hales)

• We must be engaged in intentional parenting. (Bradley D. Foster quoting Boyd K. Packer)

• There is no darkness so dense, so menacing, or so difficult that it cannot be overcome by light. (Elder Vern P. Stanfill)

• Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot cure. (Elder Dallin H. Oaks)

• Be peaceful. Believe in God. Be faithful. You are doing better than you think you are. (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland) 

The evening finished with my boys going to the priesthood session of conference. Love that Trevin wanted to go with the others even though he’s only eleven. 

Navajo Taco Day

Alton slept over last night and the kids had a blast playing together this morning. Each child begged for Alton’s undivided attention (in their own way).

However there was one occasion when all the kids hung out together to look at an older picture album turned into a book.  

Church was very uplifting and awesome. We had a combined Relief Society / Priesthood lesson on the Sabbath Day. I left the meeting with an increased desire to do more to make Sunday’s even more special and sacred.

(A snapshot of Andy and I at church today)

After church we started getting dinner ready. (We invited my mom and John’s family to join us.). While some of us prepared dinner, Ashlyn and Alton played the game Scattegories. Ashlyn loves that game!…but she loves winning even more.

Andy and Emmy worked on making the Navajo tacos together. It’s one of his favorite foods to make. He made it often while he was on his mission since it’s a food they never had in Taiwan. 

Once everyone went home and the kitchen was clean again, I could relax for a bit. Ready to start another week. 

Saturday – Soccer Day

While the day may have started with catching up on homework, the rest of the day was filled with soccer, soccer and more soccer.  We had six games from Park City to Draper.

While Jaron was getting ready for his game, Andy asked if he and Jaron were close to the same height. He’s not there yet but it won’t be long!

I dropped Ashlyn off to her soccer game and her team was so excited to see her again. Her game went well…she even scored once during the game winning 3 to 1.


Emalee on the other hand was thrilled to get a piece of mail addressed just to her! It was a card from Mimi.  It sure made her feel special. 

Jaron has had a particularly hard time adjusting to the time difference. He fell asleep at 4:00 p.m. and would not get back up, so I let him be.  Both he and Ashlyn did that yesterday and ended up waking around 2 a.m. this morning. I wanted them to stay up tonight until (at least) 8:00 p.m. Ashlyn made it but Jaron did not.

Trevin begged Andy to let Alton sleep over tonight. With a lot of begging and a few extra chores, it was approved. They played hard tonight. Before the sun went down, they played soccer at the park behind our house.

Here are the sweaty and smelly kiddos!!

Where did the summer go? School starts tomorrow!

Trev and Emmy we’re excited to talk to Ashlyn on the telephone this morning. Ashlyn was in Verona , Italy today seeing a coliseum….listened to opera and ate at McDonald’s. Jaron on the other hand was able to visit the Swiss temple today and met a couple from Taylorsville and a couple from Bountiful, Utah (with the last name “Day”). He asked if we were related but I don’t know of any relatives in Bountiful.     

I went to my Zumba class at 9:00. I really look forward to going but worry they’ll cancel it because only three people show up each week (the same three every week). I try and recruit others, and they’ll come once and not return. I guess I’ll keep trying….
Later in the afternoon, the kids and I did a little school shopping. They already had backpacks and clothes….they just needed some folders, pencil boxes and markers…..and snacks for lunches….. and….and…..and….. It all adds up but they’re ready to rock and roll. 

While I taught piano to Diana and Daniella, Andy took Emalee to soccer practice. 

Afterwards, we headed out to pick up some vegetables from my cousin. She said if we wanted any corn, we could go pick some from my uncle. Well, yes please! So we headed over to my Uncle Jack’s house and added corn, tomatoes, onions and carrots to our veggie basket.

When we got home it was pretty late. Andy gave Em and Trev a priesthood blessing for school, a very special tradition in our family. They are both so excited for school. In coming days, it will be hard to get them out of bed but tomorrow won’t be one of them. It’s like Christmas….sort of.


Only Em and I are left!

Hard to believe Niklas is on his way home. The last six weeks have flown by. We met at Gusti’s house (the coordinator and my friend) so everyone’s bags could be weighed and if needed…weight could be shifted from bag to bag. We said our goodbyes and headed on our way.

(Some of the other students Emalee grew to love. She asked if she could go home with them.  Um, no.)

Later in the afternoon, Andy took Trevin and his friend Evan to the annual Father and Sons campout. They’ll have a blast together.

Double Dutch


The morning up here at the cabin turned out pretty wet…lots of thunder and storm clouds. I initially hoped to go on a hike but those hopes were soon dashed with the rain and mud.


However, when the rain subsided, we all enjoyed the break in weather by jump roping. In fact, Trevin learned to do double Dutch (quite well might I add). Proud of the fella!!

It’s that time again….

It’s right around the corner…yep, Valentine’s.  Jaron and Ashlyn are too old to make Valentine boxes for school but it didn’t stop Jaron from helping Trevin with his.  Trevin wanted to make a minion and so they worked together to make one.  Emalee is still trying to decide what kind of box to make.

Klondike, Tae Kwon Do, Cookies and more

Today was a very busy day.  Mimi and I went exercising at Curves.  While chatting with her she mentioned all that she needed to do today in preparation for a huge service project she’s involved in.  I offered to help her bake some of the cookies for the sack lunches that will be donated.  She brought over a box of sugar cookies and toffee cookies.  After I finished cooking all of them, Trevin and his friend Atti took them down to Mimi’s house for me.  Trevin has lost so many coats he is now using Emalee’s quite regularly.

10959520_10206062084530712_2764291967943903950_n 1518025_10206062084330707_6089759203105067975_n

Jay Brimhall came by around 4:00 p.m. to pick up Jaron for the Scout Klondike campout.  They went up to Don Hughes ranch….where there was actually snow (unlinke around here….look at the lawn in the picture….no snow).  Jaron is in shorts and looking like he’s planning on going to the beach.  I made sure he had what he needed but whether or not he’ll use it is up to him.

Andy, Trevin, Emalee and Ashlyn headed off to Tae Kwon Do together.  They are getting close to advancing to the next belt.  Afterwards, they went and got ice cream together.  Emalee shared a few bites with me when she got home.  The girls painted each others nails, I read a book and we all settled down for the evening.  Grateful for all the busy moments but my spirit thrives on the quieter ones. 

  20150206_115530 20150206_135817   20150206_205306 20150206_205409

My next addiction….reading.

When the new year started, I made a few resolutions.  One of my goals was to read more and watch less TV.  It has been surprising how easy this goal has been to achieve.  I actually look forward to my “wind-down” time.  After I brush my teeth, write in my journal and get into bed, I pull out my Kindle and start reading.  So far this year I have read five books:

1 – The Power Within by Trent Heppler
2 – Crushed by Kathryn Mann
3 – Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
4 – Weight Loss Interviews: The Real Life Stories
5 – Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans

Reading is not a new passion really….it’s just that I get so “into” reading, that I stay up L.A.T.E. reading my books.  I stayed up so late last night that I finished my next novel after two nights of reading….hundreds of pages down and hours less sleep.  I have to figure out the balance.  That has yet to be achieved.  Needless to say I woke up a tad tired, which isn’t good.  However, I made the best of it.


Trevin practicing his piano lesson.

I signed up for a Yoga class today.  It would have been the first class and when I got there our instructor called in sick.  Boo….so sad.  Instead I went on a couple mile walk/run.  It felt good but my legs were jello.

Afterwards, Emalee and I ran some errands.  I bought myself quite a treat tonight….an mp3 player.  They’ve been around for years but I’ve never really had them.  Now I can listen to music, General Conference or books on tape while exercising.  So excited!

At the same time, Andy took Ashlyn to Murray High School.  Her soccer coach e-mailed us letting us know that the soccer coach of Murray High needed a few more players to do drills with.  He invited any of the girls on Ashlyn’s team that will eventually be attending Murray High to come and do conditioning drills with them each week.  She a bit apprehensive, not knowing how hard it would be…..but she went.  She is pictured in all black in the photos.  When she came home, she said she actually enjoyed herself and is excited to go back next week.  What a great opportunity for Ash.

20150204_195847 20150204_195912
20150204_200031 20150204_200101

On a work note, myself and April have been putting in countless hours working on a project for Rootstech.  It is a huge family history conference which will take place next week.  We have been working on a family history packet that will help encourage youth, adults, children, families, wards to become involved in such a rewarding work.  I can’t wait to show you.  Tomorrow….hopefully.  Stay tuned.


P.S. – I received a letter in the mail today from our Stake Presidency.  They wrote, “We want to express our sincere appreciation to you for the wonderful message that you shared with us at Stake Conference.  You added greatly to the spirit of the meetings.  There have been  many people who have said that they greatly appreciated your comments.  We are especially grateful for what you taught about how to teach the gospel in the home.  You are certainly an expert in that area.  We pray that our Heavenly Father will continue to bless you and your family as you continue to serve in His kingdom.”  It was signed by the Stake Presidency: Preston Wakefield, Dave Tidwell, Bruce Gale, Mark Ethington and Sid Sietz.


A tired, tired Trev

Today, Amelia made a cute little drawstring backpack for Spencer for his birthday coming up.  It’s a new Sunday bag for him to carry his crayons and coloring books to church.


While the rest of the family sat down to watch a little TV after dinner, I needed to get in a workout.  I normally would hop on the treadmill and call it good.  I decided to up my challenge and go up and down our stairs fifty times before working out on the treadmill.  Oh my goodness.  After about seven flights of stairs, I could really feel it.  However, I pushed through and finished!  Yeah for determination.  I’m sure I’ll be terribly sore tomorrow!

When I finished my workout and came into the family room, it was evident that Trevin was ready for bed.  The poor fellow had probably been asleep for a while.

20150128_200050    20150127_221327

Leader, Advancements and Recognition


The day started early for sweet Trevin.  He got up at 5:30 this morning so he could be out the door by six.  He was hand selected by the principal to represent Vista Elementary at a Leader in Me Symposium.  I “think” he even slept in his dress clothes because he was so excited.

His school integrated the Leader in Me program three years ago.  Trevin was one of six children selected to greet guests from all around the world who came here to learn about this program.  Most are looking to adopt this program into their own schools.  He did a great job and really enjoyed himself.  When the bus arrived at his school (full of guests), he helped greet and welcome them, along with other children.  They did a program (run completely by the children) and helped their guests understand how this program has effected the entire school.


When Ashlyn got home from school, she presented me with this letter from her school.  It stated that Ashlyn is eligible to be a part of the National Honors Society.  She has a 3.9 grade point average and is VERY diligent in her attendance and work.  So proud of her!

Ashlyn and Trevin had their piano lessons today….Ashlyn had basketball practice with the Young Women.  I made dinner and even chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Ashlyn was asked to bring a story from her family history tonight to Young Women (as part of their activity).  I wanted to include the complete story here for future reference (this is the story of Mimi’s great grandmother….or Ashlyn’s great-great grandmother):

Frederikke Claudina Ahlefeldt Laurvigan was born of 12 January, 1845, in the little town of Vennsel, about 35 miles from Copenhagen, Denmark. She was the daughter of Vilhelm Valdemar Ahlefeldt Laurvigan, a count in Danish Royalty, and Anna Maria Abrahamsen, a commoner. Vilhelm fell in love with Anna Maria, but because of the custom surrounding Danish Royalty, a count could not marry a commoner. His parents had chosen a girl of nobility for him to marry, but he refused to marry her. He was practically disowned. On the Danish birth records, Frederikke was recorded as the daughter of Jacob Severin Bolvig, a life long friend of the Count.

The Count was a wealthy man in his right and had most anything that money could buy at the time. He enjoyed sports of all kinds and especially loved to hunt with his beautiful horses and dogs that he kept for that purpose. Anna Maria and the Count never did live together. Their daughter, Frederikke, lived with her father in a home of luxury and comfort.

As the winters were very cold in Denmark, the servants didn’t do much washing. They would spend weeks in the spring, washing and cleaning everything. Frederikke was very small for her age, and could easily pass for a girl of 9 when she was 13 years old. She went to the village school and was usually taken there by the servants in a carriage. One morning Frederikke and a girl friend were out walking and as they were going through the cemetery, she was kidnapped by her Mother and Stepfather and taken on board a vessel or ship, which was sailing for America. Her Mother had heard the Gospel from a humble Mormon Elder and she had joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and was coming to Utah. She couldn’t bear to go so far away and leave her little girl in Denmark. The method she used seemed to only way of getting her. Her Father was heartbroken at the turn of events and went on board to try and get her back, but was unable to do so.

They were 13 weeks crossing the ocean in the sailing vessel and went through all the hardships you could expect on a trip like that. The family consisted of the Stepfather, Mr. Jacobsen, the Mother, Anna Maria, a half brother, Lawrey and half sisters, Minnie and Annie Jacobsen, and Frederikke. They came to Pleasant Grove, Utah in 1858. There they lived on a small farm where Frederikke’s life was much different from what it had been in Denmark. Here she learned to do housework, weaving, knitting, and other sewing, besides helping with outside chores.

She had the chance to work for a family in Sanpete County. Her Mother paid a family who was already going there to take her with them. After the trip was started, they made Frederikke get out of the wagon and walk every step of the way. All she received to eat were the crusts left from their meal, which they threw to her like they would a dog. She could never talk of this incident without shedding tears. She worked for a Dr. Rogers. He had two wives and his first wife, Vinnie taught school and she hired Frederikke to do her part of the housework and take care of the children. Dr. Rogers was a hard master, stern and often cruel to his family, but he soon learned that although Frederikke’s early training taught her to always be courteous and polite, and always bear the stamp of culture, still she was not afraid to stand up for her rights. While in Sanpete, she met a young man to whom she became engaged.

They were soon to be married and she decided to go home for a visit. Before she left, her young man did something that displeased her. While on her visit home, she met Charles Henry West and in three weeks they were married on 17th of August, 1867. “Marry in haste and repent at leisure”, is an old saying, but if it was true in this case she gave no sign. She was always loyal and true to the man whom she had cast her lot. Imagine the surprise of the young man from Sanpete, when he came for her and found her to be the wife of another man.

They made their home in Pleasant Grove, Utah in the old Harry Wadley place. All of their 13 children were born in Pleasant Grove and Lindon. Their 5th child was born, Lester Gay on 2nd January, 1876. When he was 3 days old, he was not expected to live and so was given a name and a blessing by his grandfather, David West. Through the blessings of the Lord, he recovered. When he was just a few weeks old the family moved to String- town, later known as Lindon. See Lester Gay West history for what life was like for them. When Frederikke’s father, Vilhelm was 85 years old, he wrote to her and her husband and all of the family and asked them to come back to Denmark and visit him. He told them he would send them all first class tickets with all expenses paid both by land and sea if she would come and stay with him the rest of his days. If she would, then she could have all that he owned and if she didn’t, he wouldn’t leave her a cent. Her husband refused to go and she didn’t feel like undertaking the trip like that with a large family and without the help of her husband, so she missed this opportune- ity. Her Father, true to his word, left her nothing.

Of the 13 children born to Frederikke and Charles, only 5 lived long enough to marry and raise families. So many deaths were a great shock to her but she never lost her great faith in the gospel. She often mentioned her gratitude to her Mother for accepting the Gospel and bringing her up in the Church. She accepted many callings in the Church, especially in the Relief Society, where she was a counselor to Cordelia Thorne at the time of her death. After a 5 month illness, she died on 3 March, 1910.

Trevin, on the other hand, had his Pack Meeting.  He advanced to the rank of Webelos.  He also earned one activity badge for sports.  We have to sew the patch on his uniform but here is the mother’s pin….  I’m one proud mama!


Emalee’s first sewing lesson

20150103_11594420150103_120001Andy and Trevin headed off to a soccer game early this morning.  Since the girls slept over at my mom’s, this left me some time to work out.  I ran a few errands afterwards and came home and Jaron was still asleep at 12:30!  That kid is my night owl!

Trevin played two soccer games today and won both.  He received his first yellow card today for slipping to get the ball.  I told him it was an accident and not to worry about it.

My mom dropped the girls off and ended up staying for a bit to start teaching Emalee how to sew (her first lesson).  She started her on paper sewing sheets to give her familiar with the machine.  She struggled a bit but over time she will get it.

IMG_2634   IMG_2635

{The Golden Gate Bridge}

** I can’t remember exactly when these pictures were taken but wanted to post them on my blog.  It’s a blast from the past.



{Easter with Day Family}

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{Hollywood Connection}




Jaron and Ashlyn enjoyed their last day of Spring Break today. Jaron got a much needed haircut. Jaron, Ash and Grace (who slept over last night) went shopping for clothes and then we went out to lunch. After picking up Emmy, Trevin and Atti (Trevin’s friend), we went to Hollywood Connection and went rollerskating. Emmy and Atti needed walkers to help them skate. They had a blast.