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It’s that time again….

It’s right around the corner…yep, Valentine’s.  Jaron and Ashlyn are too old to make Valentine boxes for school but it didn’t stop Jaron from helping Trevin with his.  Trevin wanted to make a minion and so they worked together to make one.  Emalee is still trying to decide what kind of box to make.

{Valentine’s 2014 ♡♥♡ }


The day started off by babysitting Savannah….who loved getting in my Scentsy wax. She would open the containers, pretend to smell them and then grab another one.



I picked up Trevin and Emmy from school and we ran some errands. The first errand was picking up some last minute ingredients for Valentine’s from the grocery store.

Next we stopped by Papa John’s to pick up some heart pizzas for dinner. Trev and Em are telling the guy what they wanted on the pizzas.


When we picked up Jaron and Ashlyn from school, Ashlyn showed us a Valentine she got from a kid in her class…..


A bit later, Andy and I decided to go do some visits. Mimi asked us to stop by her house on the way on where we could do a drive-by Valentine.  So funny…..  Here she is giving Trevin his:


{Sweet stuff is on its way}

2013-03-01 22.20.26

I took a grocery bag full of candy to the post office today to mail out to friends, family and missionaries for Valentines.  I don’t know that the post office will ever get use to me and the things I try to mail.

{Let the Valentine-making begin}




One of the best parts of Valentine’s is making your own.  Each of my kids like to approach Valentine-making in their own special way.  They also decide on a treat or small trinket to include in their envelopes.  Jaron’s Valentine holder is ready to go.  He msde it completely out of Legos and at the top edge of the container it spells out LOVE using Lego pieces….pretty creative.

{Valentines 2012}

What a wonderful but marathon-like day.  I am going to do my best to walk (or run) you through it.  ; )

I don’t get Lucky Charms very often, but when I do, the kids notice and get ‘pa’retty excited!!  No need to tell them twice…they beg for two bowls.

Emmy and I headed off to Zumba where she got to play with her friends at the “Rec Center”, as she calls it….AKA, the Stake Center.  ; )

I love decorating for the holidays….I just do.  I’m weird that way.  Jaron helped me put up pink and white crate paper.  I have several other decorations around the house as well as Valentine balloons.  The candy heart necklaces were Emalee’s Valentines for her classmates.  I forgot to take a picture of them yesterday.  She was so excited to write, “From Emalee” on all of her Valentines.  Here is a picture of her after dropping her off at school.  The top box is her Valentine box that she made yesterday with my  mom.  The bottom box (the Sweetheart box) holds all of her candy necklaces for her friends. (see photo above).


Emalee working on her school work:

I asked my mom if she wanted to help me do Emalee’s class party.  She willingly came and provided an extra set of hands and a dose of welcomed sanity.

One of the first games we played was a lava heart race.  Two children were each given two paper hearts.  They had to stand on one heart and move the second heart in front of them without getting off the first heart and continue this until they reached the finish line.


Here is a video clip of Emalee and Kali competing against each other.  It was really fun because Kali is SO quiet and shy.  As a boost, they all started chanting, “Kali”, “Kali” so she could win….so cute.

Here is Emalee being a goof:

The second game we played was “Cupid’s Arrow”.  The kiddos were divided into two teams.  Each team of five children were given a straw and a q-tip.  They inserted the q-tip into the end of their straw and they tried to blow it into the Valentine dish.  Then they got in the back of the line and got a new q-tip.  The team with the most q-tips in one minute won.  They played that over and over.


We also played “Draw a love bug”.  Each child was given a die and a love bug paper.  Each time they rolled the die, they drew a different part of their love bug until it was completed.  Some kiddos got frustrated when they kept rolling a “one” or a “four” and couldn’t draw the next part of their bug.  However, I think they really liked it.   I did one other game and read them a Valentine story from the library.  Simple but nice.

On the way home from school I stopped by Mimi’s house to borrow something.  While we were chatting at the front door, Trevin and Ashlyn just “had” to start dumping out their Valentine’s on Mimi’s front lawn to see what they got.  They didn’t want to wait until they got home.

Shortly after arriving home, we turned around and headed over to Oma’s to give her her Valentine.  None of my children had seen Oma before without her wig, so they all became pretty anxious.  When you’re a child, consistency is everything.  When something changes it throws them for a loop.  Anyway, she invited us in and we visited with her for a while.


We then moved to the piano where she asked them to play some songs for her.  Jaron and Ashlyn played a few songs for her and Trevin tried but he doesn’t have anything memorized.  Here is Ashlyn trying to playing “We thank thee o God for a prophet” and enjoying a Valentine sucker all at the same time:

After they played, Ashlyn begged me to play something…so I did.  Then Oma asked us to sing….  Ugg….singing is not my favorite.  So, I told her that as a family we have been working on memorizing all the Articles of Faith and several scriptures and could we recite those?  She was very pleased with that suggestion (as was I…whew!)  All in all, it was a nice visit.  Then we were on the road again.  After visiting with Oma, we went to John and Libby’s to deliver their Valentine’s.  When we first arrived Spencer was still napping.  (He never actually woke up while we were there but I thought his position was funny because Trevin naps/sleeps with his arms behind his head like this….I haven’t seen many people fall asleep like this.)  He does look comfy though.

Oh John, look at me….you can do it John….just for a minute….could ya’ smile??? No…  Okay….no problem.   (Thanks Lib for humoring me)!


After she got off work, Grandma came over and delivered her Valentines to my kiddos…..which they loved!


Then she got our Valentine for her…..of which Trevin took full credit for.

We gave Andy a card from all of us….and I love Ashlyn’s comments:


Mimi came over a short while later and couldn’t stay and visit.  She had to go visit others and on top of everything else, she wasn’t feeling well.  : *(  It was good to see her for a few minutes.

Jaron and Ashlyn helped me make some cookies…

I finally got dinner prepared but Andy was still working.  By 7:45 p.m.  I figured we weren’t going to be eating with him.  At 8:00 p.m. he finished and joined us for…..

(Heart shaped meatloaf)

After dinner, I gave the kids their Valentines from Andy and I:

Ashlyn and Jaron’s Valentines                                          Emmy and Trevin’s Valentines

Their boxes were filled with things like Silly Putty, chapstick, hand sanitizer (Jaron’s been sick lately), snack foods, Valentine pencils, bubbles and such.  They loved them.

To finish off the night, we played a bunch of fun games together.

First we played a real simple game.  I dumped some candy hearts in the middle of the table and they had one minute to stack as many they could on top of each other without them falling off.  If they fell off, they had to start over.  We played a couple of times, but the last round was a tie between Ashlyn, Jaron and Andy who all got 14.  They decided that is was because today was Valentine’s Day.



The next game we played was a candy obstacle coarse:


Here is a video of Andy completing the game:

The next game was fun.  I gave each of them two small cups, a straw and some M&M’s.  They had to transfer as many M&M’s into the second cup as they could in one minute.  We played this a few times…it was fun!


The last game was a repeat of earlier today (in Emmy’s class)….Cupid’s arrow.


By the time we finished and put the kids to bed, Andy went to bed as well.  He wasn’t feeling well….I hope he’s not getting sick.  It’s never a good or convenient time to get sick; however, he has so much going on to be down for very long.

(((((SIGH)))))  Can you hear me falling on the couch in relief.  WHEW!!  What a day.  Bring on a little relaxation.  I loved everything about today but mostly I enjoyed being with my family.  I’m counting my blessings!

{Pre Valentine Preparations}

I loved today.  We spent our time making Valentines for family and school friends as well as Valentine boxes (for their exchange tomorrow).  My mom came over after to work to visit and she ended up staying over after I invited her to eat dinner with us.

As far as Valentine boxes, Jaron decided to make a dog (I know, big shocker).  It actually turned out pretty cute….if I do say so myself.  Trevin decided to make a robot/dog (I honestly don’t know what he called it).  Ashlyn just decorated her own box, nothing fancy (for her standards anyway).  She can do amazing things but I just think she was tired tonight.  Emalee and my mom teamed up to make a flower garden box.  It turned out really cute too.

Trevin’s Valentine’s turned out pretty cute.  I made a graphic of an i-pod and inserted Trevin’s photo, his name and even the time shows, “2:14″ (I know, I’m a nut!)  I printed them up at Costco and put them on the front of a box of Valentine hearts.   Jaron and Ashlyn both made Valentine’s with googly eyes that said, “I have my ‘eyes’ on you Valentine.”  Emmy wrote her name on some cardboard hearts and we attached them to candy heart necklaces.  Fun stuff.

For dinner, we had bbq meatballs with rice and one of my kiddos favorite veggies….peas.  Yum.

Oh, the memories it brings back!  I remember when I was about Ashlyn’s age (around 9 or 10) getting sick on Valentine’s Day and my mom wouldn’t let me go to school.  I cried and cried.  I told her I felt fine but she refused to let me go.  I was so sad….it was always one of the best school days!  I don’t remember specifics, but I am sure she made it as good of a day as she could for me.

{Valentines 2011}

Valentines this year was fun.  The kids came home from school with lots of goodies and notes.  They enjoyed going through each one…bartering their candy with each other.  After school, we headed off to Keetra and Rena’s to give them our Valentine’s.  It took a long time to get out there with traffic….at least an hour in each direction.

I invited my mom, John and Libby and kids over for Family Home Evening tonight.  John wasn’t able to come.  Our lesson was on love and expressing/showing our love for others.  One of the games we did was a candy heart game.  There was a small bowl of candy hearts and using only chop sticks, you had to transfer the candy hearts into another bowl…as fast as you could.  Everyone was doing really well and then Andy wanted a turn.  Well, he didn’t hold back…he went as fast as he could and then ALL the kids wanted to beat his score.  It was hilarious.  Good times.

{Happy Valentines Day}


Jaron and Ashlyn’s school is doing Valentine candy-grams.  You write a note to your student and you can purchase a small treat from their options to go along with your note.  However, their treats are .50 to 2.00 so it makes it somewhat affordable.  At the last minute, I asked Mimi if she wanted to write them a note.  If I would have planned better, I could have involved a few more family members….can you really get too many?  No! : )   They’ll be surprised Monday.

{Happy Valentine’s Day!}

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I just love this holiday….it’s a definite favorite.  In reality, all holidays are my favorite…don’t ever ask me to choose just “one”. 

I had secret Valentine’s delivered to Jaron and Ashlyn today at school.  After school was over, I picked them up and we went and “vandalized” daddy’s truck.  The kiddos had a blast! 

Feb 14 08_01

While there, a gentleman was coming out of the building Andy works in and he saw what we were doing and said, “Someone is lucky today.”  I commented, “Yeah….and I hope I have the right truck!”  He laughed. 

Feb 14 08_02  Feb 14 08_03

Feb 14 08_04

I had a really nice meal planned but Andy surprised us all by coming home early!  So, there wasn’t a meal ready yet….  I ended up having so much food, I invited our parents to come over.  My mom couldn’t come by but Mimi and Opi were able to stop by.  It was nice having their company. 

Feb 14 08_05

Feb 14 08_06

Being the crazy, corny, thematic mom I am, I always try and decorate like crazy.  I feel like it’s a small way I show my family I love them.  I have soooooo much to be grateful for.  I realize that.  Heavenly Father has blessed our family a lot.  We have everything that matters.  May I always remember that!

Spencer should be able to come home from the hospital tomorrow….and Jeff and JoAnna will be flying in tomorrow night.  We may even have dinner together if they aren’t tired.  I haven’t seen my brother for a couple of years, so it will be very fun to catch up with them!

Valentine’s Pillowcases

For Valentine’s Day, my mom made the kids their very own Valentine pillowcases. They turned out darling. Jaron wasn’t very thrilled saying, “I don’t want a pillowcase…I want mine to be a blanket.” Sorry bud! Emalee’s pillowcase didn’t get done in time because we used the fabric as a backdrop for some pictures we took of Ashlyn and Emalee. Even though Jaron didn’t “say” he liked his pillowcase, he loves sleeping on it. That’s probably because it’s stuffed full of love! Another one of my favorite pictures from the last couple of weeks is this one of Jaron. His school sent home a note one day asking for all the Kindergartners to dress up like a 100 year old person. They were celebrating the 100th day of school and wanted to make it really fun for the kids. I was stumped at first how to make him look 100. Then I thought, “How does a 100 year old person dress?” Most likely in a bathrobe, pajamas, slippers and they have grey hair. So that’s what we did. We used baby powder to make his hair light and he got a real kick out of wearing his pajamas and slippers to school!

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Valentine’s Day 2006

February 14, 2006
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We had a fun day today.  I wanted to make a special breakfast for the kids.  So, I put two heart pancakes together to make a sandwich with pink frosting.  Of coarse the kids loved it because frosting is never part of a normal breakfast! : )  For some reason Trevin was a bit fussy this morning.  Anyway….here are the breakfast pictures:


Later in the afternoon, my nieces came over to play with the kiddos.  The picture on the left is of Alyssa and MaKenna on my bed looking at pictures of themselves.  The following are pictures and video clips of each Alyssa, MaKenna and Grace during their visit tonight.  Each of them did their own thing and were pretty content.

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Before Martina left with the girls, she took these pictures of me, Andy and Em:


My mom decided to drop by tonight to give the kids a Valentine gift from her.  She gave them all a new pair of pajamas.