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Good but strange…

It was strange waking up on our own in silence this morning. With Jaron and Ashlyn in Germany and the other two at John and Lib’s for a sleepover, it felt a bit too serene…too quiet. I took it in, but it felt strange.

I visited the Oakhill ward for a bit before heading to our ward. Again it felt a strange not having any children with us. The air conditioner was blowing with full force and I always forget to bring a jacket. So Andy does his best to keep me warm, bless his heart.   


(The wagon made it a piece of cake to haul the food and other stuff over to the park….. really slick!)
After church, we had a BBQ with our home and visiting teaching families/sisters at the park behind my house. Julie Warner and her kids, Melissa Wyatt (my companion) and her family and Mindy Hill (a family Andy home teaches) came to our dinner. I was sad not to see everyone come, but we enjoyed each other’s company and the fabulous weather! Time well spent. 


Once we cleaned up from dinner, Andy and Trevin started kicking a soccer ball back and forth on the front lawn. Emmy, on the other hand, was riding her bike in the sidewalk. I watched them for a bit and then decided to call Mimi and Opi and see how they were doing. We chatted for quite a while, it was nice to catch up with them. 

Another week bites the dust. 

{Conference Baskets}

Each of the kids had their dental cleaning/check up today after school.  All went well.  Trevin and Emmy don’t have any cavities this time around (yeah).  However, Jaron and Ashlyn both have two.  It has been a while since Ash has had any.  I made appointments to return and get those taken are of.  : (

After soccer practice tonight, the kids and I delivered Conference baskets to my Visiting teaching sisters and their families as well as Andy’s home teaching families.  It is a tradition we have done now for some time and we all look forward to it.  The two big yellow buckets are for two larger families and the smaller baskets are for two couples.  Regardless, they’re full of fun snacks/goodies, juice, conference packets, pencils and more.  My kiddos really look forward to getting their baskets each conference.

{Visiting Teaching}

(Since St. Patrick’s Day is this month, I included a few gold coins and chocolate rocks with this months message)

If there is one thing I love, it’s Visiting Teaching.  I love my sisters and getting to know them.  Truly, some of my best friends have come about because of the Visiting Teaching program.  Before leaving on vacation this month, Melissa Wyatt and I visited our three sisters and left them with this handout.  The message this month was on the history of the Relief Society Organization.  You can see from the picture that the pattern is 1842…which is the year the Relief Society was organized.  From that time, it is amazing to see the growth and blessing that have come into my own life because of this inspired program.

Here is one of my favorite quotes on Visiting Teaching:

{Visiting Teaching Handout}

” A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness….It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being.”  ~ James E. Faust


{July Visiting Teaching}


rwandblue1I love the Visiting Teaching program.  It allows me the opportunity to think of someone else beside myself.  This month, I have our sisters some patriotic pops and a handout with the message, some sparklers and a yummy recipe.  I really do love my sisters and companion.  Although I am not 100% each month, I do my best.

{Visiting Teaching…a fresh approach}

I wanted to share this post with you about Visiting Teaching.  I don’t know the author, but it gave me some really good ideas and hope it will do the same for you….

Do you have to have your visiting teachers visit you in your home?  No, it’s nice if your visiting teachers can take you out to lunch or meet at a scrapbook store and scrapbook together once in a while. Find some common interest if you can. Ask if you can go to one of your visiting teachers homes instead. I would never clean my house just for my visiting teachers…/if they don’t like it they can help clean up or fold clothes or distract me while I fold clothes (did this Tuesday LOL!) I hate ironing. I would love them to come while I was ironing. The thing is, they never will come at the right time or meet your needs if you don’t tell them what they are. You always get the question, Can we help with anything? and you always say, “No everything is just fine” which is so superficial. My visiting teacher once brought me a roll of Christmas wrap and bows in November.  I have never had a more useful present!! When she called to make the appointment she asked what I was doing that week and I said shopping for Christmas…. she helped!  But if you don’t tell them they don’t know.  Maybe we should all get a 3×5 card on our desks and when something occurs to us we can write it down. It’s like when you go to the doctor, you forget about that mole that’s getting too big or that ingrown toenail that isn’t hurting right that minute. One of my sisters works in a library. It’s a great thing if I can call her and ask her to look for a book for me.  She loves to help, it’s easy for her, easy for me, we cooperate.

My visiting teachers right now are from Africa (both of them!!) and they promised to bring me some “native” dishes.  I am so thrilled!!  But I wouldn’t know to ask if I didn’t try to get to know them, too. I started my Christmas list today, so I am going to start my visiting teaching list today too. And maybe I will do better at giving and receiving.

One more thing: I also have one sister a month I “bonus” visit. I am not assigned to her.  In

Louisiana we do a lot of Lagniappe, or a little extra, and I try to incorporate that to visiting teaching too. It makes me absolutely euphoric to visit someone just cuz, that I am not assigned to, to lift a burden or cheer the sad.  It’s part of going the extra mile, as it were.  It makes me feel better about myself and that sister. I guess I am greedy for blessings LOL!!