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All in a day’s time….. 

Some days just seem to be jam packed full of things that need to happen, today was one of those.

. Woke up and had breakfast.
. Andy and I discussed our schedules for the upcoming week for about an hour, deciding who was taking who where. 
. I left to present two boys from the Paradise Ward with their Faith in God certificates from the Stake Primary. 

. When I returned back home, we were having a song practice at my house. I agreed to play the piano for a quartet performing today: Julie Andrews, Gloria Pulver, Tara Hansen and Heidi Bates. We practiced for about ten minutes when Andy goes running out the front door.

. When Andy came back in the house, he said to Julie Andrews, “Your car was just hit and the driver drove off; however, I got their license plate.” We called the police and got the ball rolling. She hit the car with such force that it moved Julie’s car up on to my grass and into my peach tree. Come to find out found the lady that hit Julie’s car lives in our neighborhood. Her version of the accident differed 100% from our account. She said she was swerving to avoid a scooter in the middle of the road. She also claimed to have left a note on our door. When all was said and done, she was arrested for drunk driving and fleeing the scene of an accident. Not very cool!

. At 12:45 p.m. I left for church, arriving early for Jaron to prepare the sacrament. Our musical number was very nice. The new Relief Society Presidency spoke on the importance of eternal perspective. 

. The second hour of church I visited the Riverbend Ward. Their Primary is really struggling (leadership-wise). Their Primary president is fantastic and just needs some extra support. 

. I returned back to our ward for Relief Society where Tara Hansen taught the lesson on respecting the elderly. She is such a delightful teacher!

. After church I went home and got dinner going. While it finished cooking, I ran a birthday present over to Kristy Flanders. Then I dropped a treat over to Julie Andrew’s hoping to help her day end a little sweeter after the whole car incident. Then Emalee and I visited Doreen Evans for a bit. It was fun catching up with her. 

. We finished up the evening watching a movie Jaron chose called, “the Woodcarver”. It was a really good movie that basically had the theme, “WWJD – What would Jesus Do?”

Enjoyment from Further Along the Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled and now Further Along the Road Less Traveled are very enjoyable reads. I couldn’t help but blog about some of the things I’ve read today. Dr. Peck says it’s wonderful to be confused. Huh? When Jesus gave the sermon on the mount the first words he said were “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit.” He said intellectually the best definition of “Poor in Spirit” is confused. Blessed are the confused. But why would Christ say that? Confusion leads to a search for clarification and with that search comes a great deal of learning. It is uncomfortable and sometimes painful to have a period of confusion in our lives. We are still blessed at that time despite our feeling poor in spirit, we are searching for new and better ways. “We are open to the new, we are looking, we are growing.” And so…Blessed are the confused. All evil in the world is done by those who are absolutely certain they know what they are doing. It’s not committed by people who are confused (poor in spirit).

Becoming a saint lies in questioning everything. Seek and ye shall find enough truth and puzzle pieces to fit much of the puzzle together. You’ll be able to put enough of the puzzle together to get glimpses of the big picture. Dr. Peck said “There is a difference between insisting that we regard ourselves as important (which is self-love) and instisting that we always feel good about ourselves (constantly preserving our self-esteem). As part of repentence we need to set aside our slef-esteem once in a while, and so not always feel good about ourselves. But we should always love and value ourselves even if we shouldn’t always esteem ourselves.

Why isn’t the parable of the 10 virgins about sharing? Isn’t it the Christian thing to do to share and be merciful? The oil in this parable symbolizes our preparation. Can we share our preparation with others? The only thing we can do is attempt to encourage others to prepare. We can’t do it for them. We can teach them how desireable and beautiful they are in the eyes of God. God is calling us to enter his home. We are likely to say we are too unimportant or unworthy to or unworthy. Let us prepare ourselves. Let us do so by relearning how important we are, how beautiful we are and how desired we are by our God. Let us go out into the world to teach others how important they are, how beautiful they are, and they too are desired byond their wildest dreams.

Jaron’s Baptism

Today was a wonderful day for me and our family.  I was able to baptise my oldest son Jaron and confirm him a member of the church.  He was really excited and nervous and was for him.  It went really well and he had a lot of support from family and the ward.  There were some beautiful musical numbers by his cousins Alyssa, Makenna and Grace and then another by Ashley Bates, Shaley Achter and Addie Hanks.  It was a very spiritual meeting.

My dad gave a talk on Baptism and I gave one on the Holy Ghost so he could understand how special it is to be baptised and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I’ll post my talk separately.  Bishop Lago conducted and witnessed the Baptism along with my dad.  My brother Trent and Brother-in-law Ryan gave the opening and closing prayers.  A couple of young men (priests from our ward) helped play the piano and lead a couple of hymns.  One is Jake Pulver who I’ve been friends with for several years.  We like to talk in Yoda voices with each other at church or when we see each other.  It’s fun.

Jaron is excited to be old enough to be a cub scout and is already starting to work towards his bobcat and other scouting.  I took him to his first pack meeting this past Tuesday and he went to his first scout meeting the week before.  He loves scouting so far.

Temple Session

Melanie, Jeanne and I went to the temple this past Thursday and had quite the spiritual experience.  It had been a while since we’d gone and all three of us received some personal revelation.

We took family names and I did temple work for Michael Fennessy, one of Melanie’s relatives.  I prayed to feel his spirit if he was there and I did feel and know that he was there.  I also know that Melanie’s dad Tery was there.  I saw him through another person that happened to be part of the witness couple.  Jeanne felt her husband , had some personal revelation and Melanie had some personal revelation.  It was a good time.