I wanted to share this post with you about Visiting Teaching.  I don’t know the author, but it gave me some really good ideas and hope it will do the same for you….

Do you have to have your visiting teachers visit you in your home?  No, it’s nice if your visiting teachers can take you out to lunch or meet at a scrapbook store and scrapbook together once in a while. Find some common interest if you can. Ask if you can go to one of your visiting teachers homes instead. I would never clean my house just for my visiting teachers…/if they don’t like it they can help clean up or fold clothes or distract me while I fold clothes (did this Tuesday LOL!) I hate ironing. I would love them to come while I was ironing. The thing is, they never will come at the right time or meet your needs if you don’t tell them what they are. You always get the question, Can we help with anything? and you always say, “No everything is just fine” which is so superficial. My visiting teacher once brought me a roll of Christmas wrap and bows in November.  I have never had a more useful present!! When she called to make the appointment she asked what I was doing that week and I said shopping for Christmas…. she helped!  But if you don’t tell them they don’t know.  Maybe we should all get a 3×5 card on our desks and when something occurs to us we can write it down. It’s like when you go to the doctor, you forget about that mole that’s getting too big or that ingrown toenail that isn’t hurting right that minute. One of my sisters works in a library. It’s a great thing if I can call her and ask her to look for a book for me.  She loves to help, it’s easy for her, easy for me, we cooperate.

My visiting teachers right now are from Africa (both of them!!) and they promised to bring me some “native” dishes.  I am so thrilled!!  But I wouldn’t know to ask if I didn’t try to get to know them, too. I started my Christmas list today, so I am going to start my visiting teaching list today too. And maybe I will do better at giving and receiving.

One more thing: I also have one sister a month I “bonus” visit. I am not assigned to her.  In

Louisiana we do a lot of Lagniappe, or a little extra, and I try to incorporate that to visiting teaching too. It makes me absolutely euphoric to visit someone just cuz, that I am not assigned to, to lift a burden or cheer the sad.  It’s part of going the extra mile, as it were.  It makes me feel better about myself and that sister. I guess I am greedy for blessings LOL!!