“Hey Ash, I’m going to take a picture……Ash….hey Ash, come here!”

This is what it looks like when “mom” gets her camera out to take a picture of her sweet “Ashy-boo-boo”.  BOO!!  She was a bit camera shy today…well, every day, but that’s okay.  I told her that I  just want to remember her sweet face.  No es bueno for Ash.

Another goal I made this year was to attend the temple each week.  I have made Monday mornings my temple day.  ((This year is the first year that the Jordan River Temple is open on Monday’s…pretty exciting.))  Well, when my alarm went off this morning I couldn’t get my body out of bed….I stayed up too late reading.  Gotta love those natural consequences.  Anyway, I didn’t make excuses, I just headed to the temple later than usual.  It was a great morning to go….not too busy but not slow either.

Because we have been enjoying such great weather, Ashlyn’s soccer coach (Carla) has asked to start having one outdoor practice a week, starting today.  They had a scrimmage in Walden Meadows this afternoon and Ashlyn was the goalee.  It was the first time I’ve seen her play goalee and she did a great job.