Some days are more productive than others and today was very productive. It felt good to get back into a routine, now that the kids are in school. I really enjoyed summer with the kids but I’m ready for routine…which is the very thing summer lacks. 


Jaron sent me this picture today. I love his smile and the picture in general. Sure miss him but he and Ashlyn will be back home in a week. 
Most of me afternoon was spent on the telephone with my insurance company. For months now we’ve been trying to get Andy scheduled for an ultrasound of his liver.  Our doctor is concerned about some things and wants additional tests. However, each time we schedule something, the facility calls us back saying they are out of network and to call our insurance company. So I call them back and each time they tell me, “you can go there, it’s a participating facility.”  Back and forth, back and forth.  So it was no surprise really to get the call again this morning. Andy’s appointment is scheduled first thing tomorrow morning. So I made phone call after phone call to keep the appointment and document everything I could. We are set and planning on keeping the appointment. It’s only taken nine months to make it happen, yes nine. Good thing it wasn’t life threatening!
I made stuffed peppers with my uncle’s produce for dinner (that he shared with us from his garden). I also made zucchini bread, several loaves actually. I’ll shred the remaining zucchini and freeze it for future baking. I am doing the corn and beans tomorrow. Plus, I’m making peach fruit leather for Trevin tomorrow from my own trees. We are very blessed with more than enough food!